October Goals


It’s October! Wow. Possibly my favourite month of the year. Time has gone so fast. Joel and I have been engaged for five months and we’ve just celebrated our sixth year together.

Let’s review my goals from last month and see what are my goals for the month ahead.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Try Cruelty-Free


Disclaimer: I received no compensation for writing this post. I bought all the products mentioned with my own money and all reviews are my own.

Hi friends!

It’s been a while since I wrote a real blog post, hasn’t it?

Since I’m getting married in less than two years and I really want to save money where I can, I have decided to learn how to do my own make up. That’s quite scary considering make up has never really been my thing. But since delving into the world of cosmetics, I have been so intrigued by different products and now I can’t get enough. In fact, October is a no spend month for me because I now cannot stop buying it! However, I was recently challenged on wearing make up from brands that test on animals, since I work with them every day. It’s a no brainer really when you think about it, so I decided to throw out or use up everything that I own that is not cruelty-free and start again.

Back in January, I decided to be more intentional and so this year I’ve been making more conscious choices and really evaluating that way that I live and come across. I have loved the swap so far and it’s really changed the way that I view make up. Today I’m going to share with you four reasons why I think you should try cruelty-free make up products.

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Rather With, Than Without // Fearless Friday


It’s a little late but I am so glad that #FearlessFriday is back! If you’re not sure what it is, head here first. This week’s submission is from my dear friend, Lorna. I lived with Lorna for two years at university and know that giving a testimony was always a big deal for her. I’m so glad that she decided to share her story today and I hope that you find encouragement from it!

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September Goals

September Goals

Happy September!

I know it seems like the only things I write about are my monthly goals but goals are IMPORTANT people. How can we expect to achieve anything if we don’t put them in place? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

So, this month I’m hoping to kick THJ back into gear. (I know you’re thinking ‘oh I’ve heard that one before’ but I’m going to really try.) I’m planning to post twice a week, Monday and Friday, so that I don’t burn out, but still post consistently. I’ll be spending the other days of the week active on social media, so be sure to keep up with me there.

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