10 More Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

10 More Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

Hiya friends!

I love sharing ways that we can all be a little bit more intentional and positive with our lives on my blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing 10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down. Sometimes, when you’re feeling a bit blue, you can have trouble thinking of something to do to make yourself feel better. I’m here to help. So if you read the first 10 things to do and they didn’t inspire you, I’m back today with 10 more things you can do to cheer yourself up. You lucky things!



I never talk about it enough but I LOVE music. If music didn’t exist, there would be an empty hole in my life and soul. And whether you are gifted (not me), or not (me) with a beautiful singing voice, sometimes we all need a sing song. I sing in my room, in the shower, when I’m working, and more often than not I pretend I’m singing to a very large audience who is just in awe of me. Lol.

But another reason I love music is because of my faith. When I first became interested in finding out more about God, some of my friends gave me CDs to listen to. Christian music is awesome and so uplifting. And when it’s live, it’s just incredible. I am so lucky that God made the man I’m marrying the worship deacon of our church. He’s good to me. Listening to mucic absolutely cheers me up when I’m feeling down.

Check out my worship playlist on Spotify:


I know what it’s like to get stuck into the same old routine. Don’t get me wrong, routines are great because they create order and allow us to get our lives more organised, but it’s important to break the habit once in a while. If you, like me, spend a vast amount of time online, unplug. Spend some time doing any of the other things I’ve suggested because you need to relax and refresh your mind. Social media is great but there can be a lot of negativity circling around online. Take yourself away from it for just a moment. We get tired and taking a break means that we can build ourselves back up to full strength.


Yes. I’m a big supporter of this one. Did you know that nature helps fight depression? Studies show that if you are feeling down you are more likely to feel better and happier in yourself if you’re spending time in the beautiful outdoors. I don’t go on enough walks but this year I have made it my mission by setting the goal of hiking ten times throughout the year. Time to get some walking boots!


Sometimes what you need is to just get dressed, do your hair and put some make up on. I always feel ready to tackle the day once I’ve actually gotten out of my pjs (although I have had some very productive days in my pjs) and ready for the day. Who cares if you’re not going anywhere, if you feel like you are going to champion the day more with a made up face and your best clothes on, then go for it. Do what makes you feel good.


Similar to the brain dump I mentioned in my first post, sometimes you need to clear your head and write down everything. I tend to write down absolutely everything I need to get done, even silly things that bug me like making sure all my socks are paired up if I know I’ve just shoved them in the drawer, or cleaning all of my make up because my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer exploded everywhere again. If you don’t get down those little things, even if you have no intention of doing them right now, they will haunt you. Clear your head. I write a to-do list almost every single day and even if I don’t achieve everything on it, at least I’ve got a clear vision of what I need to do next.


No, I don’t mean drown your sorrows in vodka. By all means, if that’s your thing… If you’re feeling down, fetch yourself your favourite drink. Whether that’s from home, Starbucks, or a bar. Right now, my go-to drink is a refreshing lemonade and lime, and I’m quite partial to a cider or a glass of wine but do not underestimate the power of a cup of (fruit) tea or a coffee to give you a little lift.


I know we shouldn’t link our feelings with food, and my sister has told me many times that I have a condition because I am so obsessed with it, (she studies psychology), but I personally feel so much better after having something to eat. Eating a piece of fruit or cheeky avocado on toast satisfies my hunger and makes me feel good. Not to mention, Joel and I bought my sister a Nutri Bullet for her birthday and I am all about those smoothies.


Sometimes, when you’re feeling down, you really do need a slice of cake (or two) to cheer you up. Or a McDonald’s. Or a whole Chocolate Orange. Indulge yourself. Go on.


Ok, so this one is extremely immature but was brought to the table by one of my good friends. He said that when he’s in a bad mood, he says ‘willy’ out loud to himself and it automatically gets him out of a grump. I agree because in no sense can you ever say this word seriously, and every time I’m feeling down I say it, and I feel better. Try it.


This one speaks for itself and with the vast amount of bath products out there, you are sure to feel better after a bath with your favourite bubble bath or bath bomb. When I wrote my self-care checklist for this month, I put ‘have a Lush bath’ on there because self-care is about a little self-indulgence. Lush bath bombs are a luxury for me and I keep my bath bombs for special occasions. Baths help me feel relaxed and refreshed.


10 More Things To Do When You're Feeling Down-2

And there you have it. I hope that these two posts have been helpful and that you have some ideas of things you can do the next time you feel down. I have loved writing them! Tell me, what do you do when you need a pick me up?


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  • I definitely need to unplug on a regular basis and get out an enjoy my family the area where I live. Great tips.

    • Thanks, Wendy. I love getting out to spend time with family and friends. It feels so good to unplug sometimes!

  • Your worship playlist is amazing! Listening at work!

  • Your worship playlist looks great! It’ll be great to listen to this afternoon at work! 🙂

  • You are so right that sometimes we just really have to make an effort! We won’t always feel like it, but making even the smallest effort can make a big difference!

    Also, your blog looks beautiful!

    • Thank you, Kristen! I think I’m finally at peace with how my blog looks. Exactly, the smallest step forward is still a step forward!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Love this! It’s amazing how eating something healthy will make me feel better. I need to be better about eating healthy food when I’m down as apposed to just eating chocolate. lol

    • I know, it’s crazy isn’t it! I think also because healthy food tends to be really flavourful so quite often when I’m at home or eating out, I’ll choose something off the healthy or vegetarian menu and I’m never disappointed!

  • Taking a Walk and Having a Bath are things I could start doing to destress. I have two dogs who would also really appreciate an additional walk and I have a jet tub that I’ve only used once since moving into my house last year lol

    • Wow, I would love a jet tub haha! A bath bomb would be so cool in that! I can’t wait until we move out and can get a dog, I’m excited for all the dog walks I can go on 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Krysta!

  • Excellent list, I like the advice of listening to music – your playlist look awesome. xx

  • Rachel Golden

    I love this list! Self care is so important and the world can definitely be rough sometimes. I’ve been dying to take a bubble bath lately! & I seriously feel 10 times better when I have a full face of makeup on!

    • It’s so funny how our motivation and energy can change once we get ourselves ready for the day. Recently, I’ve changed my skin care routine and my face feels so awake once I’ve done it that I’m finding I don’t actually need to wear make up after that unless I’m going out!

  • I love this blog with all this happy and positive vibes. This is also such a good list. #2 and #3 has been effectively makes me feel better but I am just so lazy sometimes to be out and about. Hi from Malaysia 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Nurul! And hello from the UK 🙂 Me too! I’m so lazy that it takes me a long time to get myself out and go on a walk! But once I do, I feel amazing.