10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

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10 Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

We all feel down from time to time and sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up. Since it’s part of my blog’s mission to share how I’m being intentionally optimistic, here are some things I recommended doing if you are feeling down and need to cheer yourself up.


I can’t believe I’ve only just started to do this. Brain dumping is when you grab a piece of paper and a pen (I do mine in my new journal) and write down every single little thing that is on your mind. It can literally be anything: something you know you need to get done; something that’s making you sad; something you need to remember to do, etc. I realised recently that I often think I’m busy when I’m not because my brain is so busy and I’m feeling so overwhelmed. I find often that once I’ve written everything down and it’s all on paper, it’s no longer lingering in my mind. Then I can look at what I’ve written and choose what to deal with one thing at a time.


Just before I left my job, I got Netflix. Before university, I didn’t really watch any TV but one day procrastination called and then I started to go from one series to another. When I feel down, I love to get lost in a TV series or a film. But mainly, TV because they are longer. When I started writing a film for my dissertation last year, I had to study the way that films work and now I love to analyse the storylines. My favourite thing to do is watch a thriller and guess who has done it and how before it’s revealed. I’ve watched the last season of Sherlock three times already and it only just finished last Sunday. And I’m currently on Season 5 of Gilmore Girls and I’m really enjoying it. Any recommendations?


This is a great way to cheer yourself up. You know when you have got stuff just everywhere and you’re feeling overloading and overwhelmed? Me too. Two days after Christmas, Joel made me declutter my bedroom so that I could put my Christmas presents away and I threw out so much unnecessary stuff that I had been hoarding for years, including a birthday card that wasn’t even addressed to me! And the other day my external hard drive was being really slow and Joel found 17,000 images on it. There is no way I need 17,000 pictures stored when I don’t even look at half of them. I’ve begun decluttering there too and I’m really starting to feel that I’m freeing up some more mental capacity.


To call a friend is good, but it’s even better to go and spend time with them. When you’re feeling down, you can feel awfully lonely and meeting up with someone is both intentional and a positive interruption in the status quo. Trust me, it’s so good to break that ‘sad’ routine.


It is so important to consider your gratitudes because it can remind us to keep present and remember the things in our lives that make them worth living. You can be thankful for absolutely anything, it doesn’t have to be 100% serious. Here are mine today:

  1. My gerbils because they bring me such joy.
  2. That I have freedom of speech and this blog to share my thoughts on.
  3. I’m thankful for my faith.
  4. I’m thankful for scented candles because who doesn’t love a scented candle?!
  5. For my wonderful fiancé, Joel.


Honestly, sometimes, when I’m having a day where I’m just feeling really down and nothing I do makes me feel any better, I just go to bed. There’s nothing wrong just admitting defeat one day because we can always start afresh tomorrow. #RealTalk – We aren’t going to win every single day and it’s important to recognise that. Tomorrow will come and there’s all the time in the world to make it better.


This is probably the one I’m least motivated to do but every time I’ve finished exercising I feel great about myself. My spirits are lifted and my body feels really good too. It’s so hard to get going but once you are I promise you it’s going to be worth it. Just these past couple of days I’ve been doing the squat, plank, and sit up challenge and even though that’s not rigorous exercise, my body is feeling great.


Take a break. I’m not even a full-time blogger (or full-time anything right now, lol) and I know that being online a lot takes its toll on my emotional and mental health. The online world can be a great place but it can also be a very self-destructive place to be involved with, especially if you are feeling low. Go one night without checking Facebook or Instagram and see how you feel.


Self-care is now hugely promoted in the blogging world and I love that. Self-care is so important to our mental health and wellbeing and is just a really good way to practice looking after ourselves. I was encouraged to write a monthly checklist after watching this video on YouTube and I’m enjoying completing it. Some of the things from this list features on mine this month but I think I’ll be sharing my January Self-care checklist at the end of the month so look out for it.


Stop being so hard on yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break. We are all human.

Woah. This post is so long and I have so many more ideas of what to do when you’re feeling down. Anyone up for a part 2? Let me know in the comments what you do to cheer yourself up! Until next time!