2017 Goals

Happy New Year, friends! I was initially dreading 2017 coming because I’m not a fan of odd numbers, but I am so glad it has finally arrived. 2016 was a controversial year for me but now I’m ready for a fresh start and to really chase my dreams.

2017 Goals

Last year I made goals but they weren’t intentional enough for me to be able to achieve anything so I sat myself down and asked myself where I wanted to be at the end of 2017 and ta-dah! I came up with these eight intentional goals for the year.

Update my blog // I love the way my blog looks right now thanks to Bloom Designs themes but I am thinking of going back to a mint green colour scheme. However, the main priority is updating my pages with new information and pictures. Hopefully, Joel will help me with getting some portraits done but since he’s been teaching me how to use my own camera, I’m excited to get some staged shotss.

Write 100,000 words of fiction // I can’t remember the last time I dedicated a decent amount of time to writing. As I’ve mentioned before, it is my absolute dream to publish a novel and ideally, I’d like to get one written by the time I’m 30. I’m hoping to take part in NaNoWriMo in November and write 50,000 words in 30 days. This year I want to smash this goal so I’m going to pull out all the stops.

Get in shape // I know that my body isn’t in the best shape right now through lack of regular exercise and better eating. I’ve come a really long way with getting into a good place with my body but I’ve still got a long way to go. Especially with my wedding coming up, I really want to be at peace with my body and know that I am healthy. I have started an exercise class which is really helping me to tone up but over the Christmas period, I have been slacking. Anyone who knows me well will also know that food is my biggest weakness, but I’ve got to a point now where I have eaten so much junk food that I feel pretty disgusting in my body and I’m desperate to start eating better. I know I can get results without going on a crazy diet or insane exercise routine, it’s all in the balance. I’ve got my weight goal and now it’s time to go get it.

No spend for four months // It’s no secret that we are saving for a wedding and now that I’m currently unemployed, I need to stop spending money. I’m pretty good with money anyway, but my recent obsession with makeup and buying unnecessary accessories for my animals (does Womble really need another house?!) means that I’m spending money that could be put to use elsewhere. And food. I must stop spending money on food. This year I’m going to do a no-spend for four months of the year which means I’ll be picking one of the areas I spend the most money on and go without buying anything (unless it’s a necessity) from that area for one whole month at a time.

Read 24 books // I am a firm believer that the more you read, the better you become at writing. I used to read avidly but at university, I fell out of love with the hobby. I received a few books as a Christmas present so I’ll be starting with those. 24 books work out at two a month so I’m hoping this is a manageable goal. Keep up with my progress on Goodreads!

Eat at 10 (or more!) new restaurants // Ok, so this is the second goal I’ve stolen from Shannon from Salty Spaces’ 2016 bucket list but I just loved reading her goals last year. One of the things Joel and I love to do together is eat out and this year I’m challenging us to try some new places and try new foods. I really want to document them on a food-themed Instagram account.

Hike 10 times // Joel and I have been wanting to get into walking for a long time now, especially since we got engaged walking in the Peak District, and this is the year of adventures. We’re going to get ourselves some walking boots, I’m going to get myself a waterproof coat (!) and we are going to challenge ourselves to go walking/hiking at least once a month.

Improve my photography // Now that I’m getting back into blogging, I want to throw myself into the hobby of photography. I really want to capture the world around me, so I’m going to experiment and see what happens.

Be sure to follow along to see how I’m getting on with these goals. I’ll be reviewing them in June. Happy 2017 all!

Have you set any goals for 2017? What do you want to acheive this year? Do you have any exciting plans? Tell me about them in the comments and link your goals posts down below, I want to read them!