Emma PalmerABOUT ME

I’m Emma, the author of The Happy Journal! I’m a lifestyle blogger, a Product and Marketing Executive for an international company, and an aspiring writer. At university, I studied English and Creative writing and during that time I wrote a full-length screenplay. My ultimate dream is to write and publish a novel. I love small animals, pick-n-mix sweets, and nude lipsticks.

I’m an INFJ, the rarest of all personality types, which means I apparently live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities, and probably the reason why I over-think so much. I used to suffer from mild depression, PTSD and sometimes the anxiety still gets to me.

In August 2018, I’m getting married to my best friend, Joel, who I’ve been with for six years and a half years and who happens to be a great photographer, so from time to time, you’ll get to see his work featured here on this blog.

Food is my biggest weakness and I get what I call ‘food anxiety’ if I don’t look at the menu and decide exactly what I want before we get to the restaurant. I love stationery and I collect notebooks. Sometimes I don’t even write in them in case they get spoiled. I have also begun collecting pets since June 2016. So far I have two gerbils, Benny and Perkin, a hamster named Womble, and for Christmas 2016, I bought Joel a gecko, who was named Fuego (Fway-go) after a restaurant we went to in Spain last year.


‘The Happy Journal’ started in a notebook when I was in my first year of university in April 2014. I was struggling with PTSD and needed a way to keep positive.

On the 28th October 2007, my family and I were involved in a serious car accident, and although this didn’t affect me hugely at first, I noticed that towards my mid-teenage years, I was becoming increasingly pessimistic and negative. Due to this PTSD, I didn’t cope well with big changes, such as moving to a new school to start Sixth Form when I was 16 my then-boyfriend (now fiancé!) starting a career as a chef working 60+ hours a week. My whole life became dominated by negativity which made me a very difficult person to be around and I knew I had to do something about it if I was going to survive.

After being inspired by the #100happydays challenge, in which you make the effort to stay positive every day by adding a photo of your achievement that day to social media, I bought a beautiful notebook and recreated the idea offline. Each day, I stuck in a picture of something positive that happened to me that day and wrote all my happy thoughts around it.

I called it ‘The Happy Journal’ because it was a journal that only contained positive thoughts and those thoughts would be the only things I would remember when I looked back. It was a way of seeing that actually good things were happening to me. It encouraged me to look at life with more optimism.

The Happy Journal launched as a blog on 1st January 2016. The power of the voice on the internet fascinates me and I feel inspired by the way that social media can be used to create relationships with the audience, as well as raising awareness in an authentic manner. I want to make an impact online and offline, engaging with people to motivate them with my blog’s mission about the importance of living with optimism and celebrating the things that make life good. I believe that even the smallest voice can be heard and even if I only manage to change just one person’s life, then I have been successful.


The Happy Journal is a space for encouragement and a place where I’m discovering values that I stand by. I’m passionate about authenticity and living intentionally. That is, really living every moment and making conscious choices. I’ve learned to consider life an adventure and celebrate even the smallest things that make my day a little better.

On here you’ll find lists, photo diaries, and musings on intentional lifestyle, positivity and sometimes on mental health and faith. This blog is like a diary for me, so you’ll be doing life with me as it happens.

Thanks for stopping by, you are very welcome here!