Anything Could Happen

Happy New Year! After what seems like the craziest year of my life so far, 2019 is finally in my hands. I’m looking forward to a fresh new year as Mrs Mitchell with the world as my oyster. It’s a brand new beginning and I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.

Before now, I’ve always had a set goal or something that needed to be achieved that year. For as long as I can remember, it’s been getting through another school year or passing my exams. University shared similar objectives, with the exception of needing to remembering to look after myself. And more recently, I’ve had a wedding to plan and pay for that’s taken up most of my time

But this year is different; this year I have nothing planned. Nothing. Every year of my life so far has had a specific purpose. But 2019 can be exactly what I want to make it.

This year I feel like anything could happen.

So what am I planning to do with this year?

The beauty of it is that I don’t know yet. I’ve made some wishlists and I’ve written a list of “outrageous goals”, that is, a list of goals so big that they’ll take real lifestyle changes to achieve them. But honestly, my main priority is that I’m going to work on being spontaneous.

I’ve learned that I live at two ends of the spectrum; I can be a chronic over-preparer. So much so that often I never implement what I’m trying to plan. And then on the other hand, sometimes I surpass the planning process altogether and don’t even get close to my goal. In 2019, I’m attempting to marry up that advocacy for planning and the aspiration for spontaneity. I want to be goal focused, to get the very best from myself, but it’s important not to limit myself. And there’s never been a more perfect time.

This past year, and perhaps a bit longer, I may not have been pouring my heart into this blog or other things on my heart, but I have given time and attention to other, maybe more important, priorities. Such as our wedding; a huge project that we pulled off with the help of friends, family and some amazing suppliers. More about that later this year I hope!

We also moved into our first home, a beautiful cottage in the countryside that we’re renting. It was definitely no easy feat getting the wardrobe through the upstairs window when we realised that there was no way it was fitting through the front door and up the stairs!

2018 wasn’t without it’s ups and downs, of course. Joel and I have both faced certain challenges and being fully responsible for your own bills can be tough some months. But now we’ve finished the last page of 2018 and opened a new book. One with 12 chapters and 365 opportunities. Let’s make the most of it, shall we?

What are you most excited for in 2019?

Emma Sign Off