Preparation in January

January 2019 Goals Post Graphic

Hey! Happy Saturdays. Three days back at work and I already feel like I’m ready for another break.

Have you ever noticed that there’s a certain accountability that follows once something is said out loud? One of my unofficial goals for this year is to actually follow through on some of the things I’ve said I’ll do, so I’m making a start with January 2019.

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2018 Review

Hello! Remember me? Long time no speak.

It’s been a while since my last blog post (actually pretty much a year!) where I mentioned all the exciting things happening this year, and then promptly disappeared into oblivion. Truth is, since that post, I hit the ground running and never really stopped to take a breather. I’ve achieved and experienced a lot this year and I’m leaving 2018 an entirely different person to the woman who entered it.

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Hello 2018

Hello 2018. I’ve been waiting a really long time for you, and I can’t believe that you are finally here.

Anyone else highly satisfied that 2018 begins on a Monday?

Hello 2018_ Blog Post Graphic

2017 felt like a whirlwind because of all the exciting things that happened. You can read my 2017 highlights post here. This year, I’m really hoping that time goes by slowly enough for me to relish it. But judging by the last few months, which disappeared into the distance as I blinked, that’s not going to happen.

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November Goals

Wow, November. Hello.

November Goals 2017

I’m absolutely refusing to believe that we are almost done with 2017. I’m getting married in nine months. Nine months. Time is going by at the speed of light. I’m so glad that last month I decided to be more intentional with setting out my goals. It’s been successful and I’ve felt more like I’ve been living with purpose; it definitely paid off to only set a few easy goals.

Let’s review those goals, and then see what November has in store for me.

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On Remembering What My Passions Are

On Remembering What My Passions Are

A couple of weeks ago, I challenged myself to write 500 words of fiction every day. Without anything in mind about what I wanted to write about, I assumed I would struggle. After five days, I should have written 2,000 words of fiction. I was actually at almost 3,000. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

I took Sophie Cliff’s advice (albeit she said it in regards to blogging) and started to make use of the dead time. Writing before work, in my lunch break and when I was settled down in bed before I went to sleep, I took every opportunity I had that week.

I guess it turns out I forgot how much I love writing.

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The Happy Journal Vol. 10 | Weekend Edition

The Happy Journal Vol. 10 | Weekend Edition Blog Post Graphic

Guess what? I wanted to post this on Monday and I didn’t. Then I tried again yesterday. I thought about not posting it at all, but then I thought, screw it, if I want to post about my lovely weekend, in the middle of the week, then I shall. Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long while, so I’m documenting it in a special weekend edition of the happy journal (which I’ve still got commitment issues with). I’ve been feeling a bit down recently but now I feel ready to take on whatever the week brings.

It was our anniversary recently – Joel and I have been together for seven years now! – and had booked in this weekend to spend together. Originally, we were thinking of going adventuring in the Cotswolds but changed our plans at the last minute. I’m so glad we did because it both saved us money and gave way to some really special moments.

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October Goals

My favourite month of the year is finally here! Hello, October.

October Goals 2017

I love setting goals out for the month ahead but recently I’ve been lacking. So I’ve gone back to the basics. I’m not reviewing any past goals and this month, I’m setting easy, intentional goals to ease myself back in.

Let’s go.

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Autumn 2017 Bucket List

It’s officially Autumn!

While Summer is my favourite season of all time, because it’s when I’m happiest, I’ve also got a real soft spot for Autumn too. When the busyness of Summer comes to an end, there’s so much to look forward to. As the seasons slowly begin to change, the air gets cooler (I can start wearing scarves again, which are probably my favourite clothing accessories), the colour of the leaves turn from greens to gorgeous oranges and browns, and a favourite seasonal drink makes a return.

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