Our Wedding | Less Than One Year To Go

Our Wedding | Less Than One Year To Go Blog Post GraphicI am so excited to say that we are now less than one year to our wedding! Woohoo! In fact, it’s less than 10 months until the big day.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while so I’m finally jumping on to give an update of where we are now with the planning and how much we have left to do. It feels like forever since Joel got down on one knee on a rainy Sunday in the Peak District and asked me to marry him.

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October Goals

My favourite month of the year is finally here! Hello, October.

October Goals 2017 Blog Graphic

I love setting goals out for the month ahead but recently I’ve been lacking. So I’ve gone back to the basics. I’m not reviewing any past goals and this month, I’m setting easy, intentional goals to ease myself back in.

Let’s go.

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Autumn 2017 Bucket List

August 2017 Bucket List Blog Post Graphic

It’s officially Autumn!

While Summer is my favourite season of all time, because it’s when I’m happiest, I’ve also got a real soft spot for Autumn too. When the busyness of Summer comes to an end, there’s so much to look forward to. As the seasons slowly begin to change, the air gets cooler (I can start wearing scarves again, which are probably my favourite clothing accessories), the colour of the leaves turn from greens to gorgeous oranges and browns, and a favourite seasonal drink makes a return.

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The Happy Journal | Vol. 9

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The Happy Journal Vol. 10 | Weekend Edition Blog Post Graphic

I’ve got commitment issues. Commitment issues to my blog. I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to find the time to put 100% effort into it. It might be because I’ve been in the midst of the busiest summer of my life… no joke. But it might also be down to the fact that I am a perfectionist. If I can’t do something completely, then I just won’t bother. In other words, if I can’t get good content, beautiful imagery and schedule it all on the blog for one specific day, then I just don’t see the point. My blog has suffered because of it; my creativity has suffered because of it.

If you’ve read my ‘About’ page, you’ll know why my blog is called The Happy Journal. Along the way, this mission got a little lost. I’ve struggled with my sense of self here on the internet. Discovering what I want to blog about has been tough, and I’ve often opted for the easy option or the most popular option. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of PR, but overall I’ve neglected my original purpose: to spread positivity.

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