How To Stop Worrying

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Worrying is my biggest weakness. I can be so insecure about everything. Not to mention, it’s very consuming.

I can’t even think of how many sleepless nights I’ve had, my brain going into overload and meltdown when I’m thinking of the ‘what ifs’. I’ve worried about school and university; I’ve worried about tests, interviews and deadlines; I’ve worried about confrontations with family and friends. Any potential or actual problem I’ve had, you can bet I’ve worried about it.

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February Self-Care Checklist

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If you’ve kept up with me on social media this past month – and if you’re still around, thank you! – you’ll know that February was not the most positive month for me. While I try to keep a happy vibe on my blog and social media channels, it’s really important to be aware of the fact that life is not like that 100% of the time. I want to be as authentic as possible but at the same time, I’ve made it my mission to prove that social media doesn’t have to be a negative place. I’m justing keeping it real.

With all that in mind, it’s time for my February self-care checklist. I made a checklist last month to make sure that I’m keeping my emotional and mental well-being intact. So, let’s see how I did this month.

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10 More Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

10 More Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

Hiya friends!

I love sharing ways that we can all be a little bit more intentional and positive with our lives on my blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing 10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down. Sometimes, when you’re feeling a bit blue, you can have trouble thinking of something to do to make yourself feel better. I’m here to help. So if you read the first 10 things to do and they didn’t inspire you, I’m back today with 10 more things you can do to cheer yourself up. You lucky things!


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January Self-Care Checklist

January Self-Care Checklist

Self-care is all the rage on the internet right now and I think that’s great. If we are to build up and encourage others, then we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves. Last week, I wrote a post on things to do when you’re feeling down and I promised to share my January self-care checklist with you. A list like this is a really good way for me to keep track of all the things I’ve done to keep my emotional and mental well-being healthy.

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10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

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10 Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

We all feel down from time to time and sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up. Since it’s part of my blog’s mission to share how I’m being intentionally optimistic, here are some things I recommended doing if you are feeling down and need to cheer yourself up.

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