Seven Tips To Happiness

As a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder a few years ago (since recovered!), I was not a happy person. I tried everything to keep myself positive. I tried surrounding myself with positive quotes and sayings, I looked for affirmation from friends and social media, but nothing worked. Understandably, because that kind of encouragement was empty and not fulfilling (but that’s a topic for another day). What I really needed was a couple of realistic goals that would help me to keep going daily.

If you are going through something, whether you have severe depression or mild symptoms like I had, you’ll know how hard it is to just “cheer up” or “be happy”.

SEVEN TIPS TO Happiness copy

Joel did some research for me (out of desperation to hear me stop my whining about how negative I was, I think) and compiled this encouraging little list of happiness tips which had lived ever since in the front pocket of my Filofax. Today, I’d like to share them with you.

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How I Stay Positive

Positivity is something that I really want to promote here on The Happy Journal.  I spent the last two/three years being negative about everything. Yes, I was struggling with things at the time but I spent too long moaning about my glass being half empty when in fact it was half full.

Looking for positives, even in really dark times, is such a good thing to do. It’s healthy. But it also improves your mood and can increase your motivation, productivity and creativity. Your outlook on life starts to change and you become excited about the future.

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