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I thought that I was finally getting organised. I thought that with the launch of my new blog and filling up my editorial calendar with lots of ideas until April, I had arrived. However sometimes life gets in the way and, unfortunately, I have a case of the January blues like I’ve never experienced before. I have no motivation right now and getting up and going into university has been the hardest it’s ever been since I was cured of my PTSD.

I also had to make the decision to take a step back from my blog and concentrate on my university work for the time being. As many of you know, I had a whole Four Week Blogging Challenge planned out and I’ve not completed this at all. I don’t think I’ve even done half of the prompts. This is really disheartened me because as a result, I’ve had a lack of motivation for blogging, and it’s the only the fourth week in of THJ. I feel like a failure.

But it’s important to say that sometimes you fail and that’s ok. Sometimes you need to admit to yourself that you can’t do everything and you have to prioritise. It’s clear that I’ve placed expectations on myself that are just too high right now.

Instead of abandoning blogging completely, I thought I could use this dry season as an opportunity to let my readers know how I am, and what I’ve been getting up to. I’ve seen lots of this type of post on other blogs and I really value the time that bloggers take to share what’s on their heart. These ‘currently’ posts will be occasional, with no pressure, and will show you the raw and open side to me as a blogger – as a person – that I spoke of in my first post on this blog.

Currently Vol 1CURRENTLY

– I’ve been playing around a lot with my branding and I think I’m finally there. I found a font I like and I’ve incorporated my themes fonts into the design. I wanted something minimalistic that had a little bit of character. I was actually inspired by the logo on this blog. I hope that when I have more time (and money), I can work on getting a clear and crisp logo made in my chosen style.

– I’ve only been back to uni for three weeks, but they have been the longest three weeks ever. I have no motivation to do my work or even turn up for lectures.

– I’ve decided to stop beating myself up about not completing my blogging challenge and I’ll just use those pointers as prompts for future blog posts.

– I’ve just finished re-watching all the Sherlock episodes for the third time and I’m currently pining for the fourth season which isn’t coming out for a whole year. Being a writer (sort of), I get really emotionally attached to certain books and TV programmes, so when they end or I’ve reached as far as I can, I always feel really depressed. Also pining for Benedict Cumberbatch’s perfectness.

– My worship and church game has been seriously changing recently. I’ve decided to be more intentional in my worship and devotion time and I’m experiencing and understanding new truths each time.

– My personal size Filofax planner set up is not working for me right now which is very frustrating considering I spent a lot of time cutting out all the inserts.

– Washi tape is my newest obsession; I can’t stop buying it. It makes for easy and effective decoration.

– I’ve felt the most down that I’ve felt for a really long time, but I’m hoping this season will pass soon. I’ve been taking refuge in the form of long baths and lots of chocolate.

– Winter has finally arrived. It’s cold, windy and wet. I’m looking forward to summer already.

– Joel and Jonny – our best friend – and I are going on a trip to Amsterdam this Sunday for three days. Joel and I have paid for the trip as Jonny’s 21st birthday present. I feel like I really need a short getaway and this will be the perfect opportunity to unplug for a few days. Not to mention, a fantastic opportunity to take lots of photos for upcoming blog posts!

How are you doing right now? What’s currently going on in your life? Let’s chat.


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  • Long baths and chocolate work for me. Stick with it, life gets in the way fr all of us. Have a lovely time in Amsterdam.

  • It’s always hard when there’s a long wait for the next season of a TV show! I’m a writer too and I also get really attached to them. 🙂 Life can get in the way of blogging sometimes and it’s important to make the adjustments you need to make for blogging in order to accommodate life.

  • This is a great way to still keep your readers engaged and in the know rather than just abandoning the blog altogether. It’s always fun to see what everyone is up to and I give you major props for sticking with it!

    Clothes & Quotes

    • I love reading these types of posts on other blogs because they allow us to connect with the blogger on a deeper level, I hope I’ve recreated that here!

  • Autumn Dickens

    Love this post! You should definitely keep this as a series. And I love Sherlock too! Did you see the latest special?! Long baths are definitely great for de-stressing. You’ve inspired me to take one tonight. Haha. Oh, and eat more chocolate as well. Thanks. Hehe. Hope you all have fun in Amsterdam this weekend! Keep warm! 🙂

    • Thank you, Autumn! I will. You bet I did. I spent the whole time going ‘I don’t know what’s going on but I completely understand!’ and at the twist I was going ‘STOP IT!’ my family probably thought I was crazy haha. It was fantastic. I can easily spend an hour in a bath haha – and it’s better when you have something from Lush to make the water all lovely! Thank you! Will do! xx

  • Neely

    Is Sherlock good? I’ve been wanting to watch it

    • Girl! It’s FANTASTIC. The script is brilliant and the acting is so damn good. I’m fairly new to watching the show thanks to one of my housemates being obsessed and now I’m hooked. I’ve even started to read the original Conan Doyle stories; they’re great!

  • Bree Hogan

    Life gets in the way sometimes and we take a side street – and that’s totally ok! Great idea to use your challenge as prompts for future blog posts, takes some of the creative pressure off. Have a fab time in Amsterdam! 🙂

  • I LOVE washi tape! So adorable. I’m already looking forward to summer already too.

  • I can totally relate to that feeling of frustration when you learn you really can’t do everything. I’ve absolutely been there, but sometimes stepping back and taking a few days off is absolutely the best decision. It’s not worth it to blog every day if your mental and emotional health takes a toll!

  • That sounds like a lot going on right now! I agree, sometimes we need to step back and rethink everything!

  • Amsterdam sounds wonderful. I’ve always wanted to go. Be sure to stop at the Anne Frank annex.

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