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Hey! Happy Monday!

In an effort to be a little less formal with my blog, I’m going to be documenting what’s currently going on in my life with the below prompts every so often.

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Writing… lots of blog posts! Woohoo! A couple of months ago, Joel bought me a notebook to cheer me up and I’ve been using it to write down all things blogging. With a new posting schedule, I’m feeling so much more optimistic.

Reading… with the start of September, I’ve started my Bible In One Year again. But I’m not reading the Old Testament part yet because I want to read it in bite-size chunks. I’m really enjoying having it as part of my morning routine.

Watching… To be honest, I’m not actually watching anything right now, but I’ve been halfway through The Vampire Diaries for a while now. What new series should I binge watch?

Listening to… Podcasts! I’m late to the party with this but I am OBSESSED. I’m listening at work, at the gym, in my car, everywhere. Right now, my favourites are My Dad Wrote a Porno and My Favorite Murder. Go listen and come back so we can talk all about them together!

Eating… anything that I can find in my work drawer, i.e. so many breakfast bars and rice cakes… I’m trying to eat better so I’m desperately trying to curb my craving for anything unhealthy.

Drinking… it’s Autumn, almost, so hello PSL!

Wearing… fluffy socks. The colder nights are coming!

Pinning… wedding invite ideas.

Tweeting… not as much as I want to be. Though I’m currently trying to schedule some in!

Going… to the gym lots!

Loving… early(ish) bedtimes. Usually, I’m not asleep much before midnight but recently I’ve been aiming for a bedtime earlier than 11. Funnily enough, when I do go to sleep earlier, I have a better night’s sleep and feel less tired in the day! Who knew…

Hating… that I still haven’t managed to get back in the Instagram game. Everything about it right now stresses me out so much! It was once my favourite social platform and now just fills me with dread. Let’s see if we can change that.

Trying… to start using my planner again – I just felt so much more organised when I was using it daily.

Needing… some evenings to myself. This one is hard because I get really busy in the week, but I’m in desperate need for a couple of night just to myself.

Hoping… that I’ll be really productive this month.

Feeling… on fire for the youth in our Church. We attended Soul Survivor, a Christian festival, at the end of August and now I have so many ideas of how to kickstart the new term. Pray for us, friends, because exciting things are coming!

Celebrating… less than one year until our wedding and next month, Joel and I will have been together for 7 years.

Planning… our honeymoon! Joel and I are thinking of a tour of the south coast of the UK. Do you have any recommendations for us?

Finishing… my busy, busy Summer. Summer is my favourite season but I am looking forward to a quieter Autumn.

Starting… to get into shape. I’ve been pushing it hard with the cardio because I want to be the healthiest I can be next year for our wedding. And for some reason, I’m beginning to feel quite stressed and anxious again, so it’s good to get those endorphins flowing.

What’s currently going on with you?














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  • ThePostgradDiaries

    The Minack Theatre in Porthcurno is well worth a visit! Absolutely beauitful and you can walk along the South West Coastal Path there from Land’s End in about 3 hours