The Happy Journal // VOL. 2

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I can’t lie, this week hasn’t been the best. It’s been stressful and overwhelming. But because I’m being intentionally positive, I’m looking back this week at the good things that have happened. Even if they seem few and far between, they are still there.

I ended up taking a little break from blogging this week, only posting once, because I’ve been so busy with university. But I love that I’ve got my ‘happy journal’ to keep you updated on all things life. If you missed the first volume of the ‘happy journal’, you can catch up here.


– My best friend turned 21 on Monday. To celebrate, we went out for a posh meal at a nearby restaurant. A while back, I set myself the goal of trying new food or ordering food I don’t have very often whenever I eat out. So on Monday, I ordered the goat’s cheese cheesecake for my starter and for my main I had seabass. I love that I’m being more adventurous with food.

– Spring is coming! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I spotted blossom appear on the trees which hopefully means winter is on its way out! If it is, then winter didn’t last long at all, and that’s alright by me. I can’t wait for the warmer weather. My housemate, Laura, is giving it three weeks before she gets her legs out. She’s brave!

– The most exciting part of my week, and I’m sure my housemates will agree, was going on a road trip to the big Tesco in Beeston. You might think I’m sad getting all excited about a trip to a supermarket, but that’s where the food is at people. They had offers on their sorbet and Ben and Jerry’s. I got both. I have no regrets.

– Even though this week I felt crappy, I was able to open up to my two best friends about how I’ve been feeling and they offered me their support. I am very grateful for them.

– I’m getting somewhere with my screenplay! I’m probably won’t finish it by the end of February as I’d hoped, but it’s finally taking some sort shape. I worked hard on it all weekend, which is good for me because I don’t usually work very effectively on weekends!

How has your week been? What positive things have happened to you this week? Let’s chat!