The Happy Journal // VOL. 4

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Spring is here, everyone! This past week was busy, busy, busy for me. And it was a productive week too. Plus, it was full of positives! I hit 10,000 words on my screenplay and I’ve just passed 13,500 – wow. It’s coming along nicely and it’s great to see it come together as I envisioned. I’m posting this later than usual because today has been a complete write-off and my organisation was not on point. As you will see below, this week was busy!



– This week I saw lots of spring flowers and it made me very happy – even though it did decide to snow very briefly this week. I went out and bought some daffodils to brighten up my room.

– As I said above, I got a lot of my screenplay written this week and it’s nearly finished. I’m so excited to be able to have a hard copy of the film I’ve written in my hands soon.

– I began planning some of my final projects for university and I’m feeling confident in my ideas, which is a great start at least. Now I need to get cracking with researching and writing them. There’s a lot to do!

– I found out that I had won a giveaway that I participated in by Hey Little Magpie over on Instagram. In fact, the beautiful Webster’s Pages A5 planner that I won arrived from the postman today. I’ve wanted one of these for a while and now I finally have one! When I get some decent light and my camera decides to play ball, I’ll share it with you.

– On Friday, I made it into uni for my morning lecture for the first time in probably two months. That’s bad, isn’t it? I KNOW. Anyway, to treat myself for making it in, I had a coffee. Most of you know already that I have to have my milky coffees sparingly because, in May 2015, my body decided to develop a lactose intolerance. However, I love cheese and coffee too much to remove it from my diet and, therefore, I have to accept the consequences.

– Sarah and I decided to go on a date this past Saturday. First of all, we went to a vintage sale in our student union and then we went to a local town which has a lot of charity shops. I found a lovely jewellery box just like the one that my mum has, a vase for my daffodils, and a new coat that’s barely been worn. It’s a lovely burgundy colour, and will be a nice change for spring from the green coat I wore religiously over the winter.

– Saturday evening I made Sarah my famous lasagne. For some reason, I appear to have a really gifting in the area of cooking that particular Italian dish. For someone who tends to use the make-it-up-as-you-go-along methods, it is beyond me how it comes out so yummy every time.

– On Sunday morning, Sarah and I (yep, it’s like we are a couple) made pancakes for breakfast, which was a lovely start to the day.

– At church, God answered one of my prayers in the most wonderful way and I finally feel a real peace about a situation I’ve been grappling with. He’s good, guys, so good.

– A facebook group I’m part of, Blog Passion Project, chose one of my posts to be one of their ‘Admins Top Six’ of the week! I’m so thrilled that I have the support of this amazing group. The post they chose was Seven Tips To Happiness, I hope you read it and find it encouraging.

In hindsight, this past week was great. This week is a little quieter for me and has started slow, but hopefully, it’ll still be filled with positive things!

What’s one positive you experienced last week? Let me know in the comments below!

love, Emma xx BIG