The Happy Journal // VOL. 5

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Another week has gone by, how is it the middle of March already? I’m getting later and later with these posts – I apologise, it’s hard finding time to blog at the moment. Nevertheless, I bring you my weekly happy update.

7th MARCH – 13th MARCH


– The weather is finally perking up and I’m really enjoying walks in the sunshine. The walk to the bus no longer seems so mundane.

– I received my A5 Webster’s Pages planner from Hey Little Magpie. It’s lovely and I’m currently working on turning into a blog planner.

– I shared another few photos from my trip to Amsterdam in January. I’m working on a few travel posts but  I’ve got a lot of work on right now. You can see snippets of our trip over on Instagram to keep you all in suspense!

– One of my friends who I haven’t seen *properly* for years came to visit me at uni this weekend. We had a lovely chat and sorted out all our differences from our past. We played adventure golf, went ice skating and had a lovely night out with food and cocktails. It’s been so wonderful to finally get some closure from things we’ve both had anxiety about for a long time, and we had so much fun.

– Finally overcame my anxiety of going to church and being around people I don’t know and had a great time. I was brave enough to chat with some people instead of just heading home like I normally would.

– I had a great meeting with my dissertation tutor and I’m still feeling really positive about my work. The deadline is looming but I’m feeling confident that I’ll get it finished soon.

– Had an amazing DMC with one of my housemates and I’ve had a lot of revelation in an area of my life, which makes me very very happy. Stay tuned for a blog post about that coming soon.

– My friend, Jonny, shared his testimony on my blog last Friday. I’m loving having my close friends guest post on my blog and share their experiences in the Christian faith. It’s also so cool having people speak to me in person about things they’ve read on my blog!

– Sarah, Phillip and I met up at Spoons on Wednesday for pudding and a much-needed catch up!

How’s your past week been? What did you get up to?

love, Emma xx BIG


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  • Good for you! Church is such an important part of the Christian walk. Keep at it and you can beat that anxiety!
    What’s the temp in England right now?

    • Absolutely! I totally meant to reply to this weeks ago…. the temperature was around 9 degrees celsius so probably pretty cold for you, but that’s quite warm for us haha!

  • Happy for you that you overcome your fears at church. I have yet to go back since my divorce but I would love to.

  • Neely

    So glad that things are going so great for you!

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    This past week was spent working a lot and running to and from sporting events for my boys. It was hectic but wonderful!

  • I need to be more like you at church! I always try to leave without talking to anyone, haha. Glad you had such a good week!

    • I’ve been terrible at it for so long but it’s such a strange thing because we’re in a room with like minded people, so why wouldn’t we want to! Haha.

  • How wonderful it was that you were able to spend quality time with your friend! That’s always the best! <3