The Happy Journal // VOL 6

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Hello, friends! I said when I first started my ‘happy journal’ series that it would be every Monday from here on out… about that. It didn’t quite happen, did it? But I’m back today with a super-sized happy journal with some of my snaps and positives from the past few weeks. I apologise for being a little all over the place with it and it’s going to be a long one I’m afraid. I hope you manage to stay until the end because  I would love for you to share some of your positive with me!

Hoola Party


– First up, I haven’t documented the awesome belated birthday party that my the #GaddStreetGirlband threw me. I had no idea that I was getting a Hawaiian party, so when I opened my door in the morning to find the grass skirt outfit laid out for me to wear, I was over the moon.

– When I went downstairs as instructed I was greeted with a completely transformed kitchen decorated with watermelon bunting, palm trees, and a table covered in Hoola Palooza style food! There were lots of brightly coloured foods and

– We then played lots of Hawaiian style games, such as pin the coconut on the palm tree and the limbo. Unfortunately, due to my lack of flexibility, I was terrible at the limbo and nearly head butted the dishwasher when my body failed me and I flew across the kitchen to try and regain my balance.

– The girls remembered my love for all things stationary and the watermelon pattern and I received some lovely gifts from my fave shop ever, Paperchase, including a watermelon ring binder, a watermelon pen and memo notes all from the Nice Slice collection.



– Joel and I went to Birmingham on the 21st March for the Photography Show at the NEC. While a lot of it went over my head, we went to some really good talks and Joel got an idea of a great way to kickstart his photography to a new level. Since then, he’s started an Instagram and Twitter which is documenting pictures telling a story as well as featuring some of his newest snaps. You can follow and support him at @JWilliamPhotography on Insta and @jwilliamphotos on Twitter.

– In Birmingham, Joel and I visited one of my favourite places ever: Handmade Burger Company. Their burgers are so nice and you guessed it, handmade in the restaurant itself. The prices are very good and we were absolutely stuffed without paying a fortune for it. We didn’t even have room for pudding, shock horror!

– When I arrived home later that week for the Easter holidays, which I am now halfway through, my family from Devon came to visit for the weekend. We went on a few walks and a trip to London on Easter Sunday. Though it was cold, the weather was lovely and clear for the most part, and we managed to dodge the rain. Almost! We went to the Museum of London and I looked round the, albeit very small, tattoo exhibit. I’m almost certain that I will get another this year. I just need to decide what I want.

– Joel and I took my sister and cousins to Bounce in Milton Keynes. Bounce is a huge indoor trampoline park with over 100 connecting trampolines. There’s even a dodgeball court, a foam pit and a basketball hoop. My favourite was jumping into the foam pit, even if it’s really hard to get out again. After that, we took everyone to McDonalds – it’s McDonalds Monopoly, what a treat! – and then to Fabio’s Gelato in Hitchin where they do all sorts of different ice cream flavours AND the biggest single scoop I think I’ve ever seen. It’s safe to say that I’ll be back there.

– The Easter Bunny was a tad late with our family and arrived on Easter Monday instead. But boy did he deliver with the Easter egg hunt this year! I got to try my first white Lindt bunny and I was not disappointed. I’ve eaten so much chocolate recently that I’m too scared to weigh myself and I’m claiming ignorance.

Pots of Art


And finally, to document last week. Quite a lot happened but I don’t have that many snaps to show to. What I do have however is snaps I took when an old friend and I revisited our childhood.

– When we were younger, my friend Daisy and I were obsessed with this place called Pots of Art. We even made a song which we can still remember today. Daisy and I lost proper contact for a number of years due to a huge misunderstanding in our lives, and when we talked everything out when she came to visit me at university in March, we decided to visit one of our most beloved places for old time’s sake.

– We both decided to paint plates and, of course, I turned mine into a watermelon. I can’t wait to collect it once it’s been in the kiln!

– I hadn’t realised how reasonably priced Pots of Art is either. You only pay for what you paint, with no extra cost for using the resources and paint, which is great and makes for a cheap and fun afternoon out.

– Joel and I have been playing a lot of games recently. We are both really competitive with one another and games usually end up with my crying because I’ve lost but it’s been fun all the same. We’ve loved playing Uno and other card games.

– I decided to split my Instagram accounts into a personal account and a blog account. You can follow my personal account, @emmaclarepalmer, and my blog account, @thehappyjournalblog. Originally, I wanted to have just one account that documented my blog life and my everyday adventures, but the aesthetics just were not working out and I was having a hard time choosing which photos to post when and what looked good with what, when all the photos I wanted to share were important to me and had their own memories attached that I want to remember. Now I have my blog account which will have well thought out posts with my desired aesthetics, all being relevant to THJ in some way, and my personal account, that will have a little bit of everything.

– I had an eye test this week and I’m getting new glasses this coming Thursday! Very exciting indeed. Unfortunately, as I suspected, my eyes are getting worse, but it means that I got to choose some new frames. Because I’m a self-proclaimed hipster – I’m not really but I like to pretend I am – and I have a hipster boyfriend – again, debatable – I chose some hipster style frames so that Joel and I can match #CoupleGoals. This came in due time because the night before my eye test, I stepped on my glasses and broke them. Oops. I need a new glasses case pronto and I’ve got my eye (hehe) on this one.

– My Grandma is here to visit and she’s been making lots of cakes! I like cake.

– My friend, Megan, and I went out to Just Desserts last Friday night. I have realised a lot of what I do involves eating, so no wonder I find it so difficult to keep myself in shape, but I had the chocolate orange brownie and it was perfection. #NoRegrets

– Joel, Jonny and I went to burger night at our go to pub. Again, no regrets. No wonder I never have any money.

– Joel and I did go swimming this week! So that’s a few calories cancelled out, yeah?

– I was dying to my allergies but now I have been healed by the power of the pharmacy. A few tablets and a couple of nose sprays later and I am not longer sneezing every five minutes. Happy days.

What positives can you recognise from your daily adventures over the past few weeks? What makes you happy? Let’s chat!

love, Emma xx BIG