The Happy Journal // VOL. 7

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It’s not Monday. But right now every day feels like Monday and so publishing my Happy Journal a day late when it doesn’t feel like it is good enough for me.

Sometimes our gratitude list is not huge. Sometimes that’s it’s hard to see the good things when life is hectic or not going as we planned or nothing spectacular happens that makes us think: ‘yes, I’m definitely thankful for that’. Being grateful for the little things is so important because it allows us to truly appreciate things we often take for granted. Like my trip to the dentist that you’ll learn about below. Things matter, no matter how big or small.

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If you’re new to my Happy Journal series. Every Monday (…) I take the time to put up pictures and list the things in my past week that I am thankful for, no matter how big or small they are to remind myself and encourage you to think about life in an optimistic way. I used to really struggle to stay positive and I started a Happy Journal in a notebook so that I could remember that good things were happening in my life. Since then, I’ve recovered from my PTSD and now I use this blog to encourage others.

I only have two snaps for this week and those are two selfies I took when I got my new glasses. I’m in love with them and it sounds so cheesy but it’s the first time since getting glasses that I have felt confident and not burdened by having to see everything through lenses. My friends have been very supportive and now Joel and I match. #CoupleGoals right there.



– Monday 4th April marks five and a half years that Joel has put up with me for. I’m not kidding, I’m a real handful. But I’m so blessed to have a friend like him hanging around. Here’s to the next five and a half, yeah?

– I received my plate back from Pots of Art. It’s awesome. Nop, picture but have a look at it before it went in the kiln and imagine it looking a million times better. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever painted.

– I went to the dentist and passed my check up no problem. Tedious but it’s a positive and could be so much worse. I’m thankful for having no problems with my teeth apart from the fact that they are huge. Now I don’t have to return for another year where I pay a lot of money for someone to count my teeth.

– I got new glasses! As I’ve said above, I love them. I know, I know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but it’s also important to feel comfortable in your own skin. I’m feeling good about the way I look and having friends telling me that my new glasses really suit me is just a bonus. It’s encouraging to build each other up, so why not?!

– Joel and I went for a curry at our favourite curry house back where I live. We ordered a lot of food but I don’t regret it one little bit.

– I went to work. I am thankful to have had a few days work in the holidays to bring in some funds.

– My friend Karl shared his testimony on my blog. It was an inspiring read (all testimonies are) but Karl spoke on the challenging subject of giving our all over to God, not just Sundays, and how this can deepen our relationship with Him.

In the end, I had quite a lot to be thankful for. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it always does. I’m being intentional with my time so I should know that living life with optimism is going to involve having positives to look back on! Maybe that’s something we all need to consdier in the future.

Tell me about some of your gratitudes for the past week in the comments. I’d love to hear what’s made you happy recently!

love, Emma xx BIG