How I Stay Positive

Positivity is something that I really want to promote here on The Happy Journal.  I spent the last two/three years being negative about everything. Yes, I was struggling with things at the time but I spent too long moaning about my glass being half empty when in fact it was half full.

Looking for positives, even in really dark times, is such a good thing to do. It’s healthy. But it also improves your mood and can increase your motivation, productivity and creativity. Your outlook on life starts to change and you become excited about the future.

I actively sought to find ways to keep positive. Here are a few I’d like to share with you:

The Happy Jar // This was the first idea that I tried. I think I found it on facebook. The general idea is to begin at the beginning of the year, fill it up with happy things through the year and on New Years Eve, open it and read all the positive things that you did or happened to you that year.

So I found a jar and decorated it. Then I began to fill it up. I found that I wanted to fill it with things, so I sought to do fun and happy things, and the more I filled it, the more I kept on wanting to fill it. It was incredibly satisfying.

But you don’t have to begin it on the 1st January. Start it now. And if you don’t want to wait a whole year until you read them all, wait a month or two. Reading happy moments that you forgot about is a great pick-me-up and definitely made me smile.

There’s also an app for you guys out there at like this idea: HappiJar

It’s basically a virtual jar whereby you log your happy thoughts on buttons and keep them in the jar. You can upload your own pictures and words to the button and the app gives you reminders and little pearls of wisdom. It’s a great way for logging your positivity when you’re on the move or if you just don’t want the hassle of making your own jar.


The Happy Journal // This is what inspired my blog. It does what is says on the tin, or rather, page. I bought a very pretty notebook – I am a stationary addict – and each day challenged myself to write happy thoughts so that when I looked back, I could only remember the happy things that had happened.

I borrowed the idea from a concept called #100happydays. The challenge is to keep happy for 100 days in a row. You upload a picture onto your chosen social media site and use the hashtag to keep a log of how many days you’ve done. I really like this idea and in my strive to become more positive I considered this idea.

However, after speaking to a very wise woman, I decided to create my personal journal instead. Social media is great for sharing things but she suggested that finding public affirmation through people ‘liking’ my photos would not be a true representation of happiness and I 110% agree.

We shouldn’t look for others’ approval. We are our own persons and it is only in ourselves that we can find true happiness. It might make us feel really good if one day 100 people on Facebook like our photos, but if the next day we only get 20 then what does that mean? Are we no longer that interesting? Do people not care about what we did today to keep positive? Do they even care about our happiness?

We do not need to look for others’ approval. We have the power to empower ourselves; we have God. I love my Happy Journal; it’s personal and relevant to me. It contains things that have made me happy and that’s all that matters. I have my own little keepsake and if I’m feeling down one day, all I need to do is open it and see the memories I’ve made.

The Quiet Place // A fantastic way to help yourself clear your mind of negativity and focus on positive things is a website called

Instead of me telling you how this amazing website works, I challenge you to find out for yourself. You won’t regret it, I promise.

There are so many fantastic resources out there to help us to keep positive. Equally, you can make your own. There is nothing more satisfying than a homemade craft that also acts as an active pick-me-up.

I challenge you this week. How do you stay positive? What have you tried or what will you try?