Seven Instagram Accounts I’m Loving Right Now

Hi, friends! How are you all doing today?

One of my January Goals was to establish plans for all of my social media accounts and within the last week or so I’ve really had a brainwave. I finally found a focus to help with Twitter (I’m microblogging on there each day) and I’ve been really inspired over on Insta. In fact, I’ve nearly reached my goal of 300 Instagram followers by the end January! I say nearly, you might notice that I have already reached this target but my I do keep fluctuating in my follower number so I’ll call it a success at the end of the month if it is.

Today I want to share some Instagram accounts that really inspire me and motivate me to improve my photography, my engagement, and have helped me to better understand how bloggers can really flourish on this platform.



I seriously love this girl. I met Shannon through Blog Passion Project and I’ve been following her since she had about 600 followers. A year and a bit later and she has grown to just over 3,000, which is a huge achievement. Shannon posts about her outdoor adventures and her shots are to die for. I feel so inspired to start walking/hiking because I want to experience the beautiful sights that she does. It just goes to show that once you find your niche and passion, how much you can flourish offline and online.



Imii was a blogger I stumbled across on Instagram when I was looking for more UK bloggers to follow. I love her feed and her aesthetic, and I always look forward to her posting. I find that Imii demonstrates how a collection of photos can come together to make a much bigger aesthetic, which is really effective, and something I would really like to try myself!



This is a recent account I’ve come across and it’s so much fun. My sister gave me Sherlock and Dr. Watson POP Figures for Christmas and they are just the cutest things ever. I was looking on Instagram to see if anyone has used them in pictures and I found @booksandpops! They take photos of the figures placed next to books or art that represents them. It makes me want to collect more and I really want the Mycroft Pop Figure next!



Again, this is a new Instagram account I have come across but I love how clean, fresh and crisp Adrianna’s feed is. I feel so inspired by her flatlays and her interior shots are just all of the house goals. I can’t wait to check out her blog too.



Summer runs a blog called Coffee With Summer and one of the many reasons I love her Instagram feed is because she uses the space to open up conversation and share what’s really on her heart at that moment. Paired with beautifully styled shots, her feed is also crisp and clear. Summer is passionate about authenticity and she believes in every single thing she promotes there. It’s this kind of intentional thinking that the online world needs to see a little bit more of.



Rhianna was also someone I stumbled across when I was looking for new UK bloggers to follow and I have really been enjoying her feed. I also really enjoy reading the little anecdotes that come with each post. She is definitely someone I look to when I want ideas and I need an example of blogger photography done well. I’m inspired to get my photography up to this standard too and I’m always excited to see what Rhianna is up to.



Chelsie was also someone I met through BPP and I’ve seen her go from around 5,000 followers to 15k! This is huge and it’s so amazing to see bloggers really make it online, especially when it’s so well deserved. I am so proud of Chelsie’s achievements online and offline – she’s a ten-year cancer survivor and she’s making it her mission to pursue a vibrant life. If you want to feel inspired on Instagram, you need to follow @HeyThereChelsie and check out her blog!



Aaaaaaand if you fancy seeing what I’m up to over on Insta, you can follow me, @thehappyjournalblog! I’m still finding my niche so come along for the ride. I hope to see you there.

What Instagram accounts are you loving right now?