Introducing… Emma

Introducing Emma

Hi, friends! I’m Emma.

How was your weekend? I’ve been working on a little project with my boyfriend to hopefully advance his photography this year. We also cooked for my family and it was one of the fastest times we have completed a meal together. It’s been a pretty busy couple of days. I’ve now got to spend this coming week catching up on all the university work that I haven’t touched since coming home for Christmas.

It’s Day One of the Four Week Blogging Challenge and to start us off, I’m going to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. It’s always a really good idea to introduce yourself regularly to your followers to remind them why they followed you in the first place! With launching my new blog only a few days ago, I feel that it’s about time I told you a little about myself so that you can put a face to the vision.

1. My full name is Emma Clare Palmer; my middle name is my mother’s name.
2. Writing for a career is my ultimate ambition.
3. I am twenty years old and I live in the UK.
4. I have been a follower of Christ for three years.
5. I have been in a relationship with my best friend since we were fifteen.
6. I cannot function without lists.
7. I am oddly passionate about pet nutrition. I have my part-time job to either blame or thank for this.
8. I began to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress in 2011, which I was healed from in 2014.
9. I’m not very good at sharing.
10. My favourite colour is green. I was so happy when I found out this theme had a green and grey colour scheme!

Emma THJ

Ta-da! There you have it, a short and sweet post with a little information about the blogger behind The Happy Journal. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you have any interesting facts to share with me?

Photo credit: JWilliam Photography