January Goals

January Goals

If you visited my blog on Tuesday, you would have seen that I published my yearly goals. Now it’s time for me to share my January goals with you. I’m going to be sharing my short term goals on my blog each month.


Get a job // I’ve entered the realm of the unemployed for reasons I may or may not share here on my blog but the biggest priority I have for this month is to get myself a job. I’m ready to put my degree to use and go find myself a career. It might not be an easy fix but with perseverance, I know I’ll get there.

Establish a daily routine // As well as job hunting, I’m trying to eat better and also keep myself more hydrated. I also want to make time for reading, writing and advancing in my photography so it’s important that I find the balance between work and play. January is going to be the month where I establish a daily routine that allows me to get everything done.

Sell old clothes on Depop // I’ve had a clear out and I’ve got some clothes in great condition that I’m going to try and get some extra cash for. I’ve got an account on Depop https://www.depop.com/emmapalmer11 and I’ll be put up my items hopefully sometime next week. Look out for them and maybe grab yourself a bargain!

Establish plans for my social media channels // Part of running a successful blog means that I need to have my social media channels in order – and I have none of them in order right now. I need to priories my favourites and see how I can make them work for my blog.

Reach 300 followers on Instagram // Last April I started a new Instagram account for blog purposes and while I started to rapidly grow last summer with all my holiday snaps, I became really uninspired during autumn and that has taken a toll on both my followers and motivation. I’ve seen other bloggers start off small and really take off and I want to achieve that too. I’ve got a plan, now just to action it.

Utilise the space in my mood diary // I got myself a journal to document my moods in. Because I’ve had a difficult couple of months, I thought it would be good to write down how I’m feeling and I’ve also been thinking that it would be useful for me to brain dump. The journal I got has been working for me, but I need to utilise all the space available. I’ll be working out exactly how I’m documenting my moods and feelings this month.

That’s quite a lot of goals for January but I hope I can achieve them all! I’m starting as I mean to go on and I finally want to get organised. Wish me luck!