January Self-Care Checklist

January Self-Care Checklist

Self-care is all the rage on the internet right now and I think that’s great. If we are to build up and encourage others, then we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves. Last week, I wrote a post on things to do when you’re feeling down and I promised to share my January self-care checklist with you. A list like this is a really good way for me to keep track of all the things I’ve done to keep my emotional and mental well-being healthy.


have a lush bath

have a social media free day


make a healthy lunch

make a healthy dinner

nose strips

light a new candle

go for a walk

listen to Christian music

watch a film


buy flowers

go to the library

So I achieved around 75% of this list which is pretty good. I’m quite disappointed in myself that I did not have one full day away from social media, though. The things I didn’t achieve will automatically make it onto my self-care checklist for February and there are some things that I definitely want to do more than once. I really want to go back to the library and maybe grab some audiobooks, and I’d like to go on more walks than once a month with Joel – especially since we have set a goal to hike 10 times this year.

What does self-care look like to you? Tell me in the comments what you will be doing in February to take care of yourself!


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