July Goals

July Goals

The last time I made a goals post was April. Now it’s July. Woah.

I’m in a little bit of a limbo-type situation this month, having just finished university and adjusting to life back home. I’m back at work full time now and I’m trialling for a senior sales position to get myself back on my feet. When you’ve only got £15 to last you the month, work is necessary!

While I haven’t got any university work to keep me busy, I am finding that I don’t have much spare time because my time management isn’t great. What I want to try and do is be intentional with my time. One way I can do this is by setting myself goals for July.


Complete my bedroom. // I’ve moved into my new bedroom now and there’s so much ‘stuff’ to sort out. I brought back all my things from university, which has doubled the amount of possessions that I have and I desperately need to cut them down. I need to organise what I have and donate anything that I don’t need to the charity shop.

Blog photography. // I’ve loved using my new Nikon DSLR and I’m really happy with the quality of images it’s producing. I managed to get a shot that I’ve used for my happy journal blog graphic, and I’m hoping to get a lot more. I’d love to get a shot taken for my monthly goals graphic and move away from stock photos.

Write in advance. // I’m just getting back into blogging after some time away and I want to write ahead to make my life easier. I’m guilty of often writing my posts the night before and they are never as well crafted as I’d like. If I can write in advance, I know my blog will be more successful.

Get some sleep. // I’m not getting nearly enough sleep and my body is taking its toll. I’m absolutely exhausted from my gerbils keeping me up at night and having to get up early for work. I need to find a good routine and I hope to achieve that by the end of July.

Drink plenty. // I’ve realised while at work that I’m not drinking nearly enough during the day. The more I drink, the fewer headaches I’ll get and the better my body will function. It’s also a bonus that the more I drink, the less I eat.

There are my goals for the month; I’ll revisit them at the end of July.

love, Emma xx BIG