October Goals


It’s October! Wow. Possibly my favourite month of the year. Time has gone so fast. Joel and I have been engaged for five months and we’ve just celebrated our sixth year together.

Let’s review my goals from last month and see what are my goals for the month ahead.


Practice my ‘everyday’ photography. // Well, let me tell you a story. So my lens broke on holiday and Joel and I took it back to the shop where the fab shop assistant helped us out but because they have brought out a newer and more expensive version of my camera, we haven’t been able to get another. Until now. A month later, I have managed to order the same camera that I originally had because the newer version was just too expensive. I can’t wait to actually get going with this goal BUT in the meantime, I did buy some props which will make some awesome backgrounds and flatlays!

UPDATE: My new camera arrived!

Write ahead. // Nope. But I’ve already written ahead this month so kinda?

Join in with a UK twitter chat. // Achieved! Admittedly, I did not achieve this in September but on the 2nd October. I participated in #BlogosphereChat and I loved it. We talk about the importance of saying no to working with brands and I’ve already had to do this so the advice turned out to be really handy. A brand asked me to review one of their products but I had to buy the product in order to review it. If you don’t understand how wrong that is, read this post by Summer from Coffee With Summer.

Reach 200 followers on Instagram. // I did not achieve this as I’ve had loads of fluctuation in the past month, but I am still growing. I’m about 9 followers away from this goal so if you want to help me out and see how I’m celebrating the things that make life good, my handle is @thehappyjournalblog. Let’s connect!

Get a new phone contract. // Yes! I got the iPhone SE in white/silver and I love it.


Practice my ‘everyday’ photography. // As previously explained…

Stop snacking Monday – Thursday. // If I’m going to lose any weight or save money, I need to stop buying and eating snacks. Having treat days on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will help me get through the weeks and will be a much better way of controlling how much I eat. Although this is starting late into October because I already failed haha.

Get swimming membership. // I was going to join the gym but it’s so expensive! Like wow! I really want to do more exercise than I’m already doing and getting a swimming membership seems like a good way to go for me. I know what pool I want to join, now I just need to do it.

Post one wedding post and make a wedding page. // I’ve got lots of wedding posts planned and I would love to share them with you. All I need to do is get them written! I also really want to make a wedding page to introduce the wedding party to you all.

There you go, not many this month but hopefully all will be achievable! Have you got any goals this October?

love, Emma xx BIG