On Alcohol And Drugs


Hi friends! Did you have a good weekend? What did you get up to? I moved back to university to begin my last second term ever. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on alcohol and drugs.

I love to drink.

But society nowadays tells us that it’s cool to drink lots and get wasted. The build up to anyone’s 18th (or 21st for my US friends) birthday is always ‘I can’t wait to have my first legal drink’. Most of us have started drinking socially by then, so why does it matter if it’s legal or not? I suppose the only upside is that we no longer have to beg people older than us to buy our alcohol – like I did.

I seriously thought my life would drastically improve when I turned 18 and went to university because I would be able to ‘do whatever the hell I wanted’. I told people that I was going to go to university to go out all the time and get completely wasted, and to be honest for the first few weeks, that’s exactly what I did. However, I worked out very quickly that going out, getting drunk and vomiting all over my bathroom floor wasn’t the type of person I wanted to be. For a start the hangovers were horrendous, and trying to clean a bathroom when you’re completely wasted doesn’t work, in case you were wondering.

What I did wasn’t cool and clever, it was stupid, irresponsible and I looked like a fool. I have severely embarrassed myself. Not to mention I was a fantastic witness for Christ. Not.

Of course, drinking can be fun but it is necessary to drink excessively? I’ve been clubbing sober and it’s so much fun. No hangovers, no being sick in places you shouldn’t be sick (I was also once sick at a bus stop, twice), and no cleaning up said sick.

Emma Cocktail

There’s nothing wrong with going out for cocktails with the girls, or sharing a bottle of wine at the end of a horrible week. We often have lots of reasons to cry over wine in Gadd Street! I’m particularly partial to a cocktail and love trying interesting, new flavours or finding new bars! Check me out enjoying this giant cocktail from Planet Hollywood in London. Don’t worry, I did share it with Joel.

I’m determined to start being more sensible. However, limiting my alcohol consumption does not mean that I need to stop altogether; I have a litre of vodka in my bedroom that needs to go by the end of the year, since I’ve been hoarding it for two, and I’ve not even half way through it yet. It will take a while for that to finish, I didn’t get the nickname ‘One Sip’ from my extremely creative flatmates for nothing.

As for my views on drugs: thank you for the opportunity, but I’m going to kindly decline.


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  • Ashley LaMar

    I feel ya on the alcohol. I drink and I enjoy it immensely but I also do it in extreme moderation. I never have more than 2 drinks if I’m out in public and I never drink alone. My husband doesn’t drink at all so he’s a great (sober) person to keep me in check.

  • There’s definitely a wide range of views on these topics! I don’t drink at all, in part because I had alcoholics in my family background and because of that, I just don’t want alcohol to be a part of my own diet. My husband has a margarita for his birthday or occasions like that, but I always go for the soft drinks.

  • I definitely feel like it is ok to have a drink. I don’t think it’s ok for people to drown their sorrows in acohol, because that can get real dangerous, real quick. But I do like an occasional girly, fruity something 😉 (YUM)

  • There is nothing wrong with having drinks when you want to have one. There is a difference with having a few, as opposed to getting filthy drunk. I’ve been there in college where I have been completely drunk and could not remember what happened the next day. I def don’t miss those days.