Preparation in January

January 2019 Goals Post Graphic

Hey! Happy Saturdays. Three days back at work and I already feel like I’m ready for another break.

Have you ever noticed that there’s a certain accountability that follows once something is said out loud? One of my unofficial goals for this year is to actually follow through on some of the things I’ve said I’ll do, so I’m making a start with January 2019.

I will, and have started to, make goals for January and the rest of the year but it’s this month where I like to relish the fresh start a New Year brings. There’s nothing like kicking the January blues by setting yourself up for the rest of the year and giving yourself lots to look forward to.

One thing that really helps me to prepare for anything is to write a list. And so I haven’t made conventional goals for January. Instead, I’m sharing my “to-do” list. I’ve picked 26 things, one for each day left in January, that I want to sort out, declutter and get in order this month. For inspiration, I took to Pinterest and this pin and this pin really helped me out, so if you want to make your own list, they are good places to start.

I can do one per day or a couple per day, either way, I’m aiming to have this list completed by the time we reach February. Some of these things will take me just a few minutes while others will take a little longer, but they will all help me prepare and get organised for the rest of the year. What better way to start 2019 with a clear head and a clean living space.


  1. Recycle the Christmas tree
  2. Delete old documents/photos/screenshots from my phone/work phone/iPad/laptop
  3. Delete old whatsapps/text messages
  4. Delete apps I don’t use regularly
  5. Delete phone/email contacts that I no longer need
  6. Organise the wardrobe, drawers and cupboard
  7. Clear out items that don’t fit, I don’t like or just don’t wear anymore
  8. Donate books I don’t like/don’t want to read/have any intention of reading
  9. Clear out the folders in my all email boxes
  10. Get rid of make up I don’t wear
  11. Throw out old/gloopy nail varnish
  12. Recycle/take to the charity shop anything I no longer want, need or use
  13. Sort out things that just take up unnecessary space
  14. Declutter broken things
  15. Sort out old paperwork, including old receipts
  16. Sort out who I follow social media
  17. Sort out my Netflix Watch List
  18. Find a home for things that don’t have a home
  19. Sort through all pet supplies
  20. Turn our spare room into a workspace
  21. Make a ‘fix it’ list
  22. Organise the food store
  23. Organise the storage cupboards in the kitchen to find homes for our appliances
  24. Unsubscribe from newsletters I don’t read
  25. Get my car cleaned
  26. Write our thank you notes

Have you set any goals for January? What’s the one thing you want to declutter this month?

Emma Sign Off


Preparation in January | 26 Things to Declutter Pinterest Graphic