Your Salvation Depends On Jesus, Not Your Emotions // Fearless Friday

It’s my favourite time of the week, #FearlessFriday. Today’s post is from a blogging friend of mine, Kristin, who blogs at The Peculiar Treasure. I asked her to share her testimony on my blog for your encouragement.

Your Salvation Depends On Jesus


I grew up in a Christian home. We went to Sunday school and church, we prayed together, and we read the Bible. At a young age, I believe in Jesus and asked Him to be my Savior. But in the summer before I started high school, I started believing something very wrong – that if I didn’t feel saved, and if I had any doubts pop into my head, then I wasn’t saved. But belonging to Jesus has nothing to do with whether we feel saved or not –  it’s all about Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.

You see, Satan likes to take our emotions and twist them. He likes to make us doubt God, doubt the truth, and doubt the blessings and beauty in our lives. He likes to tell us how bad we’ve messed up, he likes to try to get us to mess up more, he tries to convince us that sin isn’t sin, and sometimes he will even try to convince us we’ve done something wrong when we haven’t.

Christians tend to assume that if they feel something in their heart, then it’s from God. They think that that’s the main way that God leads. This was true for me when I started doubting my salvation. I thought: “Well, this is how I feel. I feel that it’s true, and I hear these voices in my head, so it must be from God”. But I was forgetting something crucial – the Bible!


The Bible is literally God’s words to us. So if we find ourselves confused about something, the first thing we should do is see what God is saying in His word. If what we are feeling contradicts what the Bible says, then what we are hearing are lies. We should never believe anything that contradicts God’s word. As far as salvation goes, God tells us that “If we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead, then we will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

Therefore, I was believing lies when I thought I wasn’t saved just because I had a doubt, or just because I felt a certain way. And I let this lie live with me for several years, before seeing it for what it was. I wanted to be right with God so badly, but I let myself think that He was mad at me and that I wasn’t “doing salvation right”. But humans don’t “do salvation”. Humans receive salvation from a loving Savior. And that loving Savior saves us, despite our faulty feelings.

Christians have got to start resting in Jesus for His saving grace. We cannot keep leaning on our own feelings for truth. Our feelings and our hearts are sinful and faulty- they can be wrong. Jesus, however, is perfect. He is never wrong, and His word never fails.



Kristin Cook is the author of The Peculiar Treasure and is currently working as a nanny while her husband goes to grad school. She aspires to be a full-time blogger one day. She writes The Peculiar Treasure in order to inspire women to live full, sincere lives for the glory of God. She wants everyone to know their worth in Jesus. Kristin enjoys binge-watching Netflix with her husband, drinking lots of coffee, and hanging out with her three, big dog-daughters.