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It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m sorry about that. I had a crazy few weeks at university (I feel like I say that a lot but hey, it’s my final year, it’s going to be full-time crazy is it not?) In fact, I’ve had a very welcome break from blogging while I’ve been devoting my time to coursework and now it’s the holidays, I’m hoping to get more organised and execute all this content that I’ve been planning.

I’m back with my beloved #FearlessFriday series after a short break and just in time for, arguably, the most important event in the Christian calendar. It is finished!


Today’s contribution is from a very important person in my life and his story is the perfect example of God equipping the called, not calling the equipped. It is an example of how God can use any one of us, no matter what our strengths and weaknesses are.

A few years ago, I only knew a few chords on the guitar and I can’t say much has changed, you only need to know four chords to play most Christian songs. Now I’m a worship leader and a worship coordinator at my church. So what happened? God didn’t take no for an answer.

After leaving my time-consuming catering job in 2013 and starting as an estate agent, I said to myself: ‘this will be a great time to pick up an old hobby’ and I also really wanted to get more involved with my church. So I asked my good pal, Jonny, if he would help me. He taught me the basics of guitar and a little bit more so that I could become familiar with it again and we met up frequently and played together.

Then he said: ‘let’s play together at church’. I said: ‘No, thank you’. I had only just gotten back into playing again and the thought of playing in the worship band was very daunting. But eventually, after some encouragement, I played alongside him and it was such great fun. Although it was very hard, and I got lost a heap of times… and I looked it too.

After a time, I was asked to be on the worship rota permanently and again, I said no, thank you. I liked just playing alongside Jonny – I was in my comfort zone and I knew if I messed up he could cover for me. I was left to do that for a while but as  my confidence grew I began to offer to play alongside other leaders and eventually even without another guitarist. At times, I was challenged and struggled with some of the songs, and I still do, but after people encouraging and praying for me, I continued to improve.

Emma, Jonny and a couple of others said that I should start to lead which made me very nervous, once again I said no but eventually I agreed to. OH MY DAYS! I was shaking, sweating and extremely nervous. Since then, though, I haven’t stopped, it’s great fun! I love introducing new songs and when the Holy Spirit really moves within worship it’s amazing, I think it’s the only time I get completely lost in what I am doing.

Jonny and I continue to play together and I will always enjoy playing alongside my best friend. Worship has changed my thoughts on worship, my experience church and has allowed me to get really involved with what the Lord has planned for me. I might not be the best singer or guitarist but God works with the imperfect and He will continue to do so with me. You can say ‘no’ as many times as you like to God, but if He’s called you to do something, saying no means nothing.

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Joel is twenty-one years old and works as property specialist for a family run business. He is a self-taught amateur photographer with a growing passion for the craft. He has grown up in a Christian family and has a heart for worship. He has been dating an awesome blogger (me!) for five and a half years and sometimes he’s kind enough to let her use his photos to make her blog posts look swish.

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