September Goals

September Goals

Happy September!

I know it seems like the only things I write about are my monthly goals but goals are IMPORTANT people. How can we expect to achieve anything if we don’t put them in place? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

So, this month I’m hoping to kick THJ back into gear. (I know you’re thinking ‘oh I’ve heard that one before’ but I’m going to really try.) I’m planning to post twice a week, Monday and Friday, so that I don’t burn out, but still post consistently. I’ll be spending the other days of the week active on social media, so be sure to keep up with me there.

Since I didn’t set any goals in August, I’ve had two months to try and make some progress with my July goals. Let’s see how I did:


Complete my bedroom. //  Yes! Apart from the fact that I can’t seem to keep it tidy, I have finished decorating my bedroom. I’ll be sharing some pictures soon so keep a look out. It makes a very nice backdrop for photos too!

Blog photography. // Yes! I would say that I have definitely made some progression with this goal. I took my camera on holiday with me and now that Joel has taught me how to use it on manual mode, the quality of my photography has seriously improved and I’m loving some of the images I’ve come out. If you wanna check out some of my snaps, head over to my insta. Although I don’t have a large following (yet!), I have seen so much organic growth, just through posting regularly and engaging with others.

Write in advance. // I kinda did this. I wrote two blog posts while I was on holiday and I did a lot of planning for posts for September and October. Stay tuned.

Get some sleep. // Ha. No. The other night I got up six times. It’s a miracle if I make it all the way through the night at the moment.

Drink plenty. // It made a massive difference taking a litre of water to work and while I was in Spain I kept pretty hydrated. I just need to continue that because the more water I drink, the less I tend to snack.


Practice my ‘everyday’ photography. // I’m pretty confident with taking photos when I’m out and about, but I struggle with staged photography. Now that I’m back at home and definitely not surrounded by beautiful mountains, with trips to castles and whatnot, I will have to find new subjects to take photos of.

Write ahead. // *I’m writing and posting this on the same day* I NEED to write ahead and keep myself organised. This will aways be an ongoing goal for me until I learn how not to be so last minute.

Join in with a UK twitter chat. // Recently I discovered Blogosphere Magazine, and it has changed my blogging game. This magazine is great and I’m planning on subscribing. One of my favourite pieces from issue 9 was the article of twitter chats. I have dabbled in a few twitter chats and I really enjoyed #passionchat by the Blog Passion Project when they were running it. Unfortunately for me, the chat started at 1am due to the difference in time zones in the US, so I could only participate occasionally. Blogosphere put together a timetable of all different twitter chats, and I’m definitely going to grab the opportunity with both hands.

Reach 200 followers on Instagram. // I would love to keep connecting with all of you and continue to grow in my Instagram. I know most of the bloggers I follow are setting new goals in the thousands, but you’ve got to start somewhere! If you want to help me out and see how I’m celebrating the things that make life good, my handle is @thehappyjournalblog.

Get a new phone contract. // I’m pretty sure my phone company has been cheating me out of money for the past two years so it’s time to get out and move on. Not to mention that I’ve dropped my phone so many times that Siri now doesn’t understand a word I say.

So there you have it, my September goals! What are some of your goals for the month? I’d love to hear them.

love, Emma xx BIG