Seven Tips To Happiness

As a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder a few years ago (since recovered!), I was not a happy person. I tried everything to keep myself positive. I tried surrounding myself with positive quotes and sayings, I looked for affirmation from friends and social media, but nothing worked. Understandably, because that kind of encouragement was empty and not fulfilling (but that’s a topic for another day). What I really needed was a couple of realistic goals that would help me to keep going daily.

If you are going through something, whether you have severe depression or mild symptoms like I had, you’ll know how hard it is to just “cheer up” or “be happy”.

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Joel did some research for me (out of desperation to hear me stop my whining about how negative I was, I think) and compiled this encouraging little list of happiness tips which had lived ever since in the front pocket of my Filofax. Today, I’d like to share them with you.

1. Eat healthily little and often // This will occupy your brain and keep your body running more efficiently. If you love food as much as I do, scheduling foodie treats throughout the day will always give you something to look forward to.

2. Do at least 10-15 minutes of light exercise everyday // You will feel happier in your body thanks to endorphins and it means you can eat more cake without feeling guilty! This could also include going for a walk in the fresh air. That’s something I really value doing when I’m feeling really down or angry.

3. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day // This flushes out impurities and hydration improves your energy levels and concentration. I’m awful at keeping hydrated, but back in the summer when I was doing this, I was feeling a lot better in myself. Plus, it helped to keep me feeling full, so I wasn’t snacking as much.

4. Do something you enjoy during the day // Whether that’s baking a cake, having a bath or watching a film. This one is especially important if you’ve got a lot of things on your to-do list; scheduling time to unwind will help you destress. I’m all for a bubble bath or an episode of Sherlock!

5. When you wake up, plan your day out and decided when you are going to do the above, making it slightly different each day // Keep your routine interesting and keep yourself motivated. For example, if one day you went to the gym, why don’t you go on a run the next? That way, you’re still exercising, but your routine is exciting.

6. Listen to music as soon as you wake up // A favourite song will really get you going and put you in a good mood. I love putting on a worship playlist in the mornings, but I rarely actually do this and I’d love to get back into that habit because the songs would be on my mind all day.

7. Remember that people love you so very very much // This one speaks for itself and serves as a great daily reminder.

Please remember that this list serves as personal positive daily reminders; they will not cure depression, and they will not guarantee happiness. If you are suffering from a mental health illness, or if you don’t know if you are, please tell someone and visit a doctor. You don’t have to go about it alone.

I hope you were encouraged! How do you keep positive? Do we share any of the same goals? Remember, if there’s anything you would like to chat about, feel free to send me a message via the contact form. Ciao! 


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  • These are great tips and very important and I feel like #4 and #7 are most crucial. It’s important to learn how to treat yourself to doing something you enjoy-every day. It’s also important to learn that others around you love and support you no matter what, and having that support system is so imperative in being a happy person. Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree, Cara. Doing things you enjoy and surrounding yourself by the ones who love you are surely going to bring you greater satisfaction and help you feel better in yourself.

  • Great tips! Thanks! I love planning out my day and always do my exercise!

  • Kait

    Great list! I’m going to bookmark this for the future! I don’t struggle with being unhappy, but I definitely think I can focus on more of these tips, and be even more happy!

    • Thank you, Kait! That means a lot. Yes, absolutely. I believe they are all important for maintaining our happiness and well-being!

  • These are great tips. I truly believe exercise is #1 for me. I love it.

  • Thank you so much for this! I’ve been quite stressed out since I moved to a new location and started a new job this fall. I’m already doing some of these but I will definitely add a few more 🙂 I love listening to music on my phone in the morning while getting ready. I started doing that last year! It definitely helps me feel motivated 🙂

  • This is so amazing. I suffer from bipolar disorder and BPD, and am currently going through a depressive phase. This is really motivating me this morning, I’ve turned on my worship music and have a cup of coffee made (which is a treat for me, I usually don’t have the motivation to brew!)

    • Wow, Marci, I’m so sorry to hear that and I’m really glad that his post helped to motivate you! That’s so positive. Keep going!

  • Music is defiantly something I use to help with my moods. It is amazing how much music benefits your whole mind

  • Love these tips! I should start listening to music in the mornings because it really does make you feel happier! I always feel bad doing it though because my husband is usually still asleep, haha.

    • Thank you, Shannon! I’ve recently moved my speaker next to my bed so that I can listen to good music loud enough that I won’t fall back to sleep! Oh no, haha! Headphones?

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  • Samantha

    All of these tips are fantastic! Working out is definitely a mood booster. When I keep on top of it, I always feel better and happier.

    • Thank you, Samantha! I know that exercising makes me happier, but it’s such an effort to get me there!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    These are such incredible tips. I’m happy you overcame your PTSD and are sharing this advice with us. I NEED to increase my water intake – this used to come second nature to me, but since becoming a mom (a working mom), it can be hard to remember to take care of myself too.

  • Exercise has definitely helped me feel better as well. I have noticed that when I don’t workout, I feel so groggy! I agree with all these tips because it’s so important to put yourself and your health first when it comes to improving your happiness!

  • Remembering that I am loved is so important, because the end of th day all the little niggles that life throws our way, fade away when we focus on that fact.

  • Neely

    For sure about exercise. The days I do not work out which is rare I am not in as good of a mood

    • It’s always makes me feel better, but it’s always such a chore to me. I need to find that motivation to exercise.

  • I love these! I also love the idea of putting these someplace where you will see them every day. March has been off to a stressful start and I feel like I could definitely use these reminders sometime.

    • Thanks Crystal! I’m going to also make them into a graphic to encourage people, in case they want to print them out like I did!

  • This is so important, Emma, thank you for sharing. I’ve found that having a routine and creating healthy habits make such a difference in my happiness and in combating my mood disorder.

  • Great tips! Whenever I find myself in a slump it’s normally because I’ve had a sugar crash from not eating properly or I’m dehydrated. I might print this out as a reminder!

    • Thanks, Alison. Definitely! I think I’m going to make a list graphic to help people with that!

  • I love every one of these tips. Congratulations on overcoming your PTSD, and thank you for sharing some of the steps that helped you through. 🙂

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