My Skincare Routine | March 2017

This post was not sponsored. I bought all of these products with my own money and all reviews are my own!

I have always been blessed with good skin. While I have several other insecurities about my body, fortunately, my skin isn’t one of them. Over the years, I’ve had people telling me that I have such lovely, clear skin and I really don’t need to wear make up. Thank you for your compliment, and I whole heartedly mean that; I both agree and disagree.

While I am thankful that I have good skin, because I appreciate that not everyone does, there are some things I don’t like about it. Having good skin isn’t just about having little or no spots. There are other factors too which I feel are often overlooked by others.

Having said that, wearing make up more on a daily basis has started to affect my skin. More oils have appeared around my nose and forehead and wearing products will sometimes cause me to break out. This is why having a good skincare routine is more important than ever.

Plus, I don’t actually wear make up to cover up my skin, I wear make up because it’s part of my appearance and I want to look good! No one ever says, ‘you’ve got a great bum, so no need to wear clothes and cover it up’! LMAO. Instead, we dress to accentuate that body part. I’m wearing make up to accentuate my skin; my mouth; my eyes.

Some things I don’t like about my skin are as follows:

  • When I do get spots, they are very obvious and I find people are often drawn to that one red point on my face.
  • My face becomes flushed easily. When I get embarrassed or the temperature rises in a room, my face flushes bright red. It’s not attractive and it makes me look like I have a rash.
  • My skin can’t decide whether it’s oily or dry. For years, I have had very dry skin. I used to cry a lot during my A Levels and I ended up with really dry patches on the tops of my cheeks. I got a moisturiser for very dry skin and for years that has been my go to. Only now has my skin decided it’s going to be oily, so my moisturiser, which aims to moisturise very dry skin, in fact helps to make my skin more oily. Urgh!
  • I am tired about 95% of the time so I have huge dark circles under my eyes that I cannot get rid off. Even when I do get some good sleep, the circles are still there!

Some of these things I can change, some, I can’t. Skincare is important because it’s about taking care of your skin (hence the name!). It’s also a very important part of self-care! With wearing make up more often now, it’s so important that I’m keeping it clean. My skincare routine is really quite basic, and of course, there are other steps you can take to really make sure your skin is in tip-top condition. But here’s what I do…

B Beauty Superdrug Moisture Gel

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution


I use three drops of The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution and quickly massage it into my skin. Because the solution is lightweight and absorbed very quickly, I need to work fast to make sure I cover my whole face. It helps combat oiliness and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, which is a great way to feel more awake. Any spots I have quickly reduce in size.

Next, I use Superdrug’s own brand Moisture Gel. B. Beauty is a cruelty-free and vegan brand and as I’m trying to replace my skincare and make up with cruelty free products, I thought I would give it a try. And  I love everything about this product. It’s lightweight, leaves my face feeling clean and fresh, especially when I’m tired, and combats oiliness in my skin. It has a similar smell to cucumber and is cool to the touch! It’s also cleared up all my dry patches. I use this as a base for my make up and I’m finding my make up lasts a lot longer!

B Beauty Superdrug Day Cream and The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner

B Beauty Superdrug Day Cream


After I’ve taken off my make up, I use a cotton pad and The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner. This product not only minimises pores and reduces oily skin with mattifying powders but it also removes every residue of make up left on your skin. I will remove all of my make up with a wipe thinking I’ve removed everything and then use the toner to find that I have left so much on my skin! It’s kind of disgusting actually but at least now I know that I’m cleaning my face completely.

Finally, to moisturise my face I use the B. Confident Day Cream. The cream itself is quite thick but it absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves my face feeling soft and smooth.

My Skincare Routine | March 2017

Overall, my skin feels more awake, cleaner, and more hydrated. I’ve had less breakouts and I’m happier with my skin looks. This routine is super simple and completely worth it for the results! If you’re looking to update your skincare routine, I would recommend choosing products that suit your skin type. I tend to have very dry skin but I do get oily patches, so I’ve chosen products that will hydrate and mattify my skin.

Here are some extra things you can do to further improve your skincare routine:

  • Drink water – your skin will be more plump and hydrated, helping to reduce those red flushes.
  • Get enough sleep – this is one I need to do more, but your skin will benefit from getting a good night sleep.
  • Always take your make up off – I can vouch for how much make up is left on our skin after we think we’ve removed it all. Leaving residue can clog your pores which causes breakouts.
  • Use SPF – you can protect your skin further with creams and foundations containing SPF.

My Skincare Routine | March 2017

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Since I’ve started wearing make up, I have realised the importance of a good skincare routine to keep my skin clean and protected. I’ve tried a lot of products but I am absolutely obsessed with the new routine I’ve settled into – I can see this working for me in the long term! My skin is soft and smooth; I have little blemishes even though I’m at the dreaded time of the month; and my make up is lasting for longer without going oily. Plus, all these products are cruelty-free! If you haven’t tried these yet, you must. I’m going to be sharing a more in-depth review of my new routine on the blog soon so look out for that! 🌿 • Morning: @thebodyshop – Anti-imperfection Daily Solution @officialbbeauty – Moisture Gel Night: @thebodyshop – Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner @officialbbeauty – Day Cream

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What does your skincare routine look like? What products do you use? Tell me in the comments below!