I’m Supporting These Cruelty-Free Make Up Brands In 2017

I made a vow last year to be more intentional and so I’ve started to be more intentional with my purchases. Last October, I shared why I’m changing my make up buying habits and why you should try cruelty-free too and now I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite brands and tell you why I’m supporting them this year.

I'm Supporting These Cruelty Free Brands in 2017

I have recently become so obsessed with learning how to do my own make up, especially as I’m doing my own (and probably my bridesmaids’) for my wedding next year. For someone who up until the middle of last year wore nothing but mascara, I have certainly come a long way. I’m really looking forward to discovering lots of cruelty-free brands this year, but I’ve put together a list of six of my favourites right now for you.

Nude Lipsticks


I love a nude lip, the look is simple, classic and it suits me. So far I have six nude lipsticks and two of those are from NYX. Their Soft Matte Lip Creams have a great moisturising formula and I love the colour of their lip lingerie range. In fact, I’ve been writing a list of the colours of lipsticks I’m going to buy when a) I’ve got money and b) when I finished my no make up spend at the end of February/March. I really want to branch out and try some more of their products to build up my fast growing make up collection even more.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara


When I think of Soap and Glory, I think of the Righteous Butter, and the Hand Food, I don’t primarily think of make up. But I will from now on. I bought my sister some makeup for Christmas and with my purchases, I got a free gift set with the Thick & Fast HD Mascara inside. Well, I love this mascara. It’s definitely a thick formula and it does give my lashes high definition. When I run out, I’ll defiantly be repurchasing it and I think it would make a great wedding mascara. I’m also intrigued by their Sexy Mother Pucker lip lines. In the Christmas sale, I got a set of nude Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses and although lip glosses aren’t really my thing anymore, I love them. They are subtle but with shine and they really hydrate my lips. I can’t wait to try more of their lipsticks. This brand is such high quality.


Their stuff is a little pricier but it’s great quality and you know you’re getting ethical make up. A couple of months ago, I saw tonnes of bloggers receive the liquid lipsticks to try and I loved the look of the shade, Windsor Rose, because… you guessed it. It’s nude. Anyway, I got it and now I want more colours and I’d love to try some of their other make up ranges. I find it really hard to get a foundation that matches my skin so I’m very intrigued by their shade adjusting drops. Once I finish the no-spend months I’m planning, I’ll look to here for some products I don’t yet have.


I’m so glad I found Essence as a brand. It is one of the cheapest brands I have found and although some of the products are hit and miss, it does have some really great assets. Their eyebrow kits are good enough for me and only cost £2.50! Also, one of their mascaras (which annoyingly got discontinued but I think I’ve found a replacement) is great for my bottom lashes and so far I haven’t found anything else that compares. Overall, I would recommend Essence if you are just starting out with make up or you want reliable products for the lowest possible price. For example, I love the clear brow gel and it’s only £2.50 again, so why would I buy this from anywhere else and that great value? Plus, you can find it in Wilko!

Urban Decay Naked Palette


More of a higher end brand, I really want to try out all the UD recommendations I’ve collected over the past year. I’ve heard that the make up setting sprays are great and that the Naked concealer is flawless. I’m starting to put together my wedding make up collection and I only want the best products for the big day. For Christmas, I received the Urban Decay Naked palette and I was not disappointed. It’s so pigmented and great for creating a natural but well put together look. I can go full out or just sweep one colour across my eyelid and know that I’ve still got a great effect.


Makeup Revolution has some great eyeshadow palettes and the blush palettes look to die for. This brand is cheap, but the quality is overall good and they do a pretty good amount of dupes of higher end products. I have all of their Iconic Palettes which are all dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. If I want to get a simple, natural look, these are my go-to.

Cruelty Free Make Up

Some of my other favourite cruelty-free brands include MUA,
Collection and Lush. And some more brands I’m thinking of supporting this year
include Nars, Too Faced, ELF and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ll let you know how I get on!