THJ Currently...

I thought that I was finally getting organised. I thought that with the launch of my new blog and filling up my editorial calendar with lots of ideas until April, I had arrived. However sometimes life gets in the way and, unfortunately, I have a case of the January blues like I’ve never experienced before. I have no motivation right now and getting up and going into university has been the hardest it’s ever been since I was cured of my PTSD.

I also had to make the decision to take a step back from my blog and concentrate on my university work for the time being. As many of you know, I had a whole Four Week Blogging Challenge planned out and I’ve not completed this at all. I don’t think I’ve even done half of the prompts. This is really disheartened me because as a result, I’ve had a lack of motivation for blogging, and it’s the only the fourth week in of THJ. I feel like a failure.

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