The Reason I Believe // A Worship Playlist

Hello friends, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

You might be thinking: what about the Four Week Blogging Challenge? Life got in the way, I’m sorry about that. If I’ve got time to get those out, I will, but at the moment, I have a lot of work and deadlines to get through. I’ve decided to take a different approach on the challenge anyway as I want to make each post ever-current. Instead of numbering each blog post, I’ll be taking the prompt for each day and turning it into a more accessible blog post. This will help me publish the missed posts a lot easier and making them more accessible and single standing posts. When I have time, I’ll be going back to revamp the ones I’ve posted so far.

Today’s prompt is: Put a playlist on shuffle; first ten songs that play?

The Reason I Believe

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