2018 Review

Hello! Remember me? Long time no speak.

It’s been a while since my last blog post (actually pretty much a year!) where I mentioned all the exciting things happening this year, and then promptly disappeared into oblivion. Truth is, since that post, I hit the ground running and never really stopped to take a breather. I’ve achieved and experienced a lot this year and I’m leaving 2018 an entirely different person to the woman who entered it.

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Best of 2017

est of 2017_ Blog Post Graphic

As 2017 draws to a close, lots of bloggers will be rounding up all their most popular posts. I’m not even going to try and pretend that I have enough views to do that so instead, I’m going to document my favourite posts from each month in case you missed them. I’m also going to be sharing my favourite Instagram posts from throughout the year. Take a read.

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On Remembering What My Passions Are

On Remembering What My Passions Are

A couple of weeks ago, I challenged myself to write 500 words of fiction every day. Without anything in mind about what I wanted to write about, I assumed I would struggle. After five days, I should have written 2,000 words of fiction. I was actually at almost 3,000. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

I took Sophie Cliff’s advice (albeit she said it in regards to blogging) and started to make use of the dead time. Writing before work, in my lunch break and when I was settled down in bed before I went to sleep, I took every opportunity I had that week.

I guess it turns out I forgot how much I love writing.

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In Ten Years’ Time

In Ten Years Time

Growing up, I have always wanted to be a writer. But for a really long time, I wanted to be a vet. I love animals. But when I realised that I would have to deal blood and guts, I quickly moved on from that career idea. And then onto the next. I have always been quite indecisive. So, then, where will I be in ten years time? How can I possibly know if I’m always changing my mind?

I started watching Tanya Burr’s YouTube channel over Christmas and during one of her Vlogmas videos she launched her new blog. She writes that her blog is a good way to record her life at present and is therefore like a little memory box for her to look back on one day when she is an old lady and see where she was in life. She’ll have diary snippets, photos and tutorials. I love this idea and hope that I can recreate the same with THJ.

I feel like this type of prompt is encouraging me to make long term goals, but I already shared my yearly goals the other day and that’s enough goals for now. Instead, I’m going to speculate where I might be.

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