The Best Places To Find Free Stock Photos

Before I was confident enough to use my own images, I needed access to good quality free stock photos for my blog graphics. From time to time I need inspiration for my own photography, and I still turn to stock images, drawing influences from ones I’ve seen. I searched high and low, compiled a huge list which has been sitting in my bookmarks forever, and have rounded up ten of my favourite sites to source images for you today.

The Best Places To Find Free Stock PhotosUNSPLASH

Unsplash is probably my favourite place to look for stock photos because they are all so beautiful and you can most definitely find the right photo for whatever you need. The photos are contributed by real photographers looking to showcase their work. All the photographs are licensed under Creative Commons Zero meaning that you can copy, change and distribute (basically anything you want) the photos for free.

The Best Places To Find Free Stock Photos
Designed by D3images / Freepik


With Freepik, you download their graphics to use on your website or blog for free, but you must include the attraction line: ‘Designed by Freepik’. You can modify the graphics and use them alongside your own theme, but they must not be the only or main theme on your website. If you decide to purchase their premium service, you can use their vectors without any accreditation. Their full Ts & Cs are here.


Compfight is an image search engine that you can use to find photos for your blog or website. As far as I’m aware, there are two types of licences on these photos – Creative Commons and Commercial. You can view the license agreement on each photo and even purchase professional photos to give credit to the photographers. Admittedly, you do have to pay for the better images, but they are very affordable.

The Best Places To Find Free Stock Photos


Pixabay, another image search engine in which all photos are listed under the Creative Commons licence as public domain. You can do anything to these photos and use them anywhere: on your blog, Facebook, Instagram etc.

The Best Places To Find Free Stock Photos


Through Tumblr, Jay Mantri showcases his beautiful work and offers all images under the Creative Commons Licence. If you need some landscape photos for your blog, these will be perfect. Check them out.

The Best Places To Find Free Stock Photos


Again, Magdeleine offers their photos under the CC0 which means that we can use them for our blog graphics for free! These stock photos are truly gorgeous. You can search categories or by colour if you’re looking to create a particular aesthetic.

The Best Places To Find Free Stock Photos


MMT was created by Jeffrey Betts who loved photography and wanted to give back to the online community. These photographs are all listed under the Creative Commons Licence so again, you have ultimate freedom with them. They aren’t my favourite for quality, but if you did through, there are a couple of gems.

The Best Places To Find Free Stock Photos


Pexels collects great quality stock photos from all over the internet and puts them all in one place for you. There is a huge amount of images on this site so you are guaranteed to find something. Pexels is a good place to go for ease and all images are under the CC0 again!


picjumbo was started by a guy who set up his own site when another stock photo site rejected his images for their lack of quality. He is 22 years old and has proved to thousands of people all over the world that just about anything is possible. Every single photo is free to use unless you want to sign up to their premium membership which gives you secret access to even more images. This means there is lesser a chance of using the same old stock photos as other bloggers. Plus, you can sign up to their email campaign and get all their new images sent straight to your inbox.

The Best Places To Get Free Stock Photos


As if you didn’t need yet another amazing site with free stock photos, SplitShire was created to give life to photos that may have otherwise gotten lost. They exist for all creators.


Well, I hope that helps somewhat! Do you use any other sites to get stock photos from? Have I missed your favourite site? Let me know below!