The Perfect Summer Foundation

The Perfect Summer Foundation

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted some decent content on THJ. I’ve been thinking of ways to kickstart things up again and I’ve decided that I really want to bring more beauty posts to my blog. I enjoy reading recommendations on other people’s blogs and trying out new products. This is how I’ve discovered some of my beauty favourites!

And as some of you know, I’m converting to cruelty-free make up because I think it’s completely unacceptable to test cosmetics on animals and I want to support the more ethical brands. This means I’m up for trying new brands and products all the time!

So I want to start sharing some of my recommendations with you.


I’ve had a battle on my hands with foundations for a while. I can’t find my shade; my skin is combination/oily; it doesn’t sit well on my face etc etc. I’ve spent so much on drugstore foundations that don’t work out for me that I might as well have just bought a couple of high-end ones. Not to mention, I couldn’t find a drugstore, cruelty-free foundation good for oily skin for so long.

But let me tell you about B. Make Up’s new foundations: the Flawless Silk Foundation and the Flawless Matte. For me, they tick all the boxes.

A few weeks ago I was invited by Superdrug to the B. Make Up launch event in London; it was my first ever blogger event hosted by one of my favourite brands. Superdrug has such a good range of brands and I also love that they are against animal testing. This means that any of their own brand items are safe to use! While I was at the event, we were given a goodie bag, we were also able to ’shop’ any of the products available. When I saw the foundations, I had to grab some.

When I started writing this post, I was cheering in the Flawless Silk’s corner, but now that I’ve tried the Flawless Matte, I honestly can’t choose a favourite! Oh my, they’re everything I need right now. You do not understand how long I’ve been looking for a foundation that I like and works for me.

Superdrug Foundation

The new range has a vast amount of shades and when I had my make up done by one of the lovely make up artists at the event, she mixed a couple of shades together to make a perfect match! I’m currently using N1 (the lightest shade), mixed with a little C2 (a cool toned light shade). The other amazing thing about B.’s new range is that there are cool tones and warm tones, depending on whether your skin is more pink or yellow (I’m more yellow toned). And as for the darker shades, they certainly have quite a mix, so they should have something for everyone!

I would say that the coverage on both is light to medium, which is perfect for a Summer foundation. The Flawless Silk Foundation leaves a beautiful glow on my face which doesn’t appear oily. As you can imagine if you have oily skin, I am getting more oily around and on my nose with this foundation, but it’s not bothering me too much and I just use a blotting sheet to clean it up.

However, as I recently found out, the Flawless Matte Foundation is also quite glowy! It dries fast so you have to be quick to work it into your skin but it doesn’t appear chalky and it gives an illuminating effect without making you oily. The finish is lovely.

I honestly cannot choose a favourite. So the best part? You can even mix the two types together to make a perfect combination oily foundation.

The only downside to this foundation is that comes in a squeezy tube which has a pump, and it gets very messy.

But both foundations get my vote if you’re after a light coverage summery glow! You can pick them up in Superdrug for £9.99 each. I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I run out!


The Perfect Summer Foundation

What’s your favourite Summer foundation? Have you tried B.’s new foundations yet?