Top Five Things On My Bucket List Right Now

This post should have gone out yesterday, but life just got in the way. I had a busy day at work and then in the evening Joel and I went out for dinner. It was so nice to share some good company and good food. Today I’m busy packing my things to head back to university tomorrow. There’s a lot to do!

I’ve revamped my bucket list in order to keep track of the places I want to visit, the things I want to achieve and things I would like to experience. As a lover of lists, my bucket list is always growing. In the spirit of this blog prompt, here are five unplanned things that I would like to do next.

I’ll revisit these things are the end of the year to see if I achieved any of them.

  1. Gerbils // I’ve been asking for a pet for so long and since working part time at a pet shop since I was 17, I have fallen in love with these lovely little creatures. Since I’m not yet in a position to get a dog or any other kind of pet, I feel like these are a more realistic alternative. I love how active they are and how a cardboard tube provides hours of fun! 21st birthday present, mum?
  2. Make money from my blog // I haven’t quite decided yet if I want to blog full time or keep this a creative outlet. However, as I’ve said before, I definitely want to make the money back on it that I have already spent on it at least. If it goes any further than that, it will be an added bonus.
  3. Make a difference to someone’s life // The Happy Journal is meant to encourage. I hope that I can use this blog not only to encourage myself when life gets me down but to encourage and lift up others who may feel the same way. As the name suggests, this is a happy place, there’s no room for empty negativity here!
  4. Become vegetarian for a month // This one I feel will be fairly easy to achieve. Living on a budget at university, means that buying meat can work out expensive. So for a whole month this year, I hope I can ditch the meat and make some yummy vegetarian meals. I recently bought a vegetarian recipe book, so I can also help myself achieve one of the goals I set for this year at the same time – challenging myself to try one new craft or recipe a month.
  5. Keep a video diary // I really want to try vlogging, I’m so intrigued by it. I’m actually going to film a video today to see if I can get the hang of things. For a reason I cannot explain, I love watching vlogs and I love seeing what people are spending their days doing and what things I can learn from them. I’ve already learnt a lot from watching videos and I’ve tried tons of new products. In the same way as blogging, vlogging allows for memory keeping. I’m trying to get over my fear of talking to a camera and not feeling stupid about it.

What’s on your bucket list? What are you going to tick off next? I’d love to hear about it, it always gives me new ideas of things I want to add to my list!


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  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    Lovely goals! I just accomplished one thing on my bucket list – to cut off enough hair to be able to donate it! Looking forward to doing other things this year too.

  • Autumn Dickens

    These goals are awesome, Emma. I’ve been trying to have at least two vegetarian meals a week and so far it’s been good. It’s fun looking for new recipes. And I’m with you on the vlogging. Since I got my new Nikon, I’ve been tempted to do a video, but I honestly hate being on camera. Haha. But it’s 2016 and time to try new things, right? 🙂

  • Emma we are currently on the same page! I go into blogging because of all the vlogs I watch and one of my 2016 goals is to start a youtube channel which for me can get quite scary because i’m no good in front of the camera. What I have done is I started vlogging for myself and keep the videos on my computer until I get the courage to upload them!
    May from

    • That’s so awesome, May! You’ll get there, I’d love to watch them when you finally feel confident enough.

  • I love it!! I’ve never given much thought to vlogging. Seems interesting. I had hamsters growing up but no gerbils. How fun!

  • Kristie Hillway

    I love this! I’m wanting to start a YouTube channel and experiment with a few different ideas 🙂

  • Victoria Stacey

    Great list! Gerbils eh? Very neat!

  • What a great list! I’ve always thought vlogging was an interesting idea, but can’t say I prefer it over writing my thoughts out. I ramble enough as it is, letting me on a video would be even worse, lol! Love reading your blog 🙂

  • Oh goodness, there are so many things I want to do. Do a webinar, re-do my bedroom, go on a cruise … the list is long!

  • Sarah Koves

    I want to do a no spend February and do the Whole 30 for a month too. I am not ambitious enough right now to do either.

  • I would love to be vegetarian again… I’ve done it once before and have even gone vegan for close to 5 months but I stopped. Maybe I’ll pick that back up in 2016! Hope you get to cross all of these and more off of your bucket list!

    • Thank you! I’m finding that choosing dishes without meat encourages me to make more varied choices with what I eat!

  • Some great things! My next thing is to graduate with a four year degree, coming up in May!